The Binding of Isaac Rebirth confirmed for Wii U, 3DS

That’s right, in only a few more months each and everyone of you will be playing rebirth on all 3 systems.. at once maybe? who knows.

“but how did we do it?” you say. “didn’t Nintendo say no due to the games religious themes and content?”

well you are correct.. but after a long hard battle we won over the big N and the binding of Isaac: rebirth is now headed to WiiU as well as the new 3ds!… with some slight edits.

now you know how i am about artistic integrity and trust me when i say id never compromise my art to make a quick buck.. but after thinking outside the box a bit i came up with a few minor edits to the game that got more than a few suits on my side when it came to getting the green light. ill list out the edits below and i think you’ll agree they are so minor none of you will even notice.

1. the nudity issue:

this one is simple, a fig leaf… i mean the bible depicts Adam and Eve in this way, and the game uses biblical themes.. so why not stick to the bible and cover up any questionable underage dingle dangle.

2. the use of the word God:

this was a big one, but i came up with an amusing play on words that actually spices up the games story a bit more. see by simply flipping the word around the offensive “God” simply becomes Dog. see it was Isaac’s dog (max from the classic game) that was speaking to Isaac’s mother instructing her to kill.. son of sam anyone? a perfect fit if i dont say so myself.

3. Christian imagery:

another hard one.. how was i to change every instance of christian imagery as to not offend christian and non-christian alike? well what i proposed was a no brainier.. i simply changed the religious sect to a more publicly ridiculed religion.. Scientology! IE, the Celtic cross is now, the E-meter, the angel baby, now a caged thetan and the list goes on.

by switching out one mainstream belief system with a smaller one that’s more socially acceptable to mock in the media i turned the tides and created a game that is more socially acceptable but still brings home the strong message the game always had.
And that’s essentially it, a few easy changes to get the game into the hands of Nintendo fans around the globe! an easy compromise that took us longer than a year to do… but was well worth it, artistic integrity intact.

no release date has been set yet, but i hear its soon and since ill be updating every Monday again with Isaac: afterbirth updates im sure you will know as soon as i do


Microsoft considered the idea of buying Nintendo when working on the original Xbox

Xbox is a household name when it comes to gaming, but it wasn't like that when Microsoft was first working on the system. They had to figure out how to make a big splash, which is when all sorts of zany ideas were being tossed around. Original Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley said that a number of people working on Xbox wanted Microsoft to snatch up Nintendo. That would have been a huge deal at the time, but it obviously didn't happen. Things would certainly be different today!


Nintendo Direct confirmed for April 1st

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - GoNintendo's original video content from last week

I've had WWE on the brain BIGTIME since Wrestlemania. I'm always thinking about wrestling, but Mania really tickled my fancy. Gotta get this brain back in gear! See you in a few, short hours.

I've heard a few of you guys and gals complaining about how we've been promoting our original video content. You like the videos, but you think we bump the posts too many times to the front page. Obviously I'm proud of our content and want to share, but I can understand when the promotion becomes overkill. With that in mind, I'm taking a new approach to sharing our video content with a weekly round-up post.

I'll still post up new videos the day they go live, but I'll only give them a front page post once. After that, I'll push through other social media platforms. If you want to see it on GoNintendo, you'll see it listed in our top stories section. No more permanent video in the announcements bar. The days of multiple video bumps are going away. I'm trusting you guys to find the content on GN. I don't want to kill our initiative by making you guys fed-up with posts, so this is my solution!

With all that out of the way, let's get to the actual round-up! Here's the original content we featured on the GoNintendo YouTube channel. If you like what you see below, please subscribe to our channel. Every single subscription lets us know we're moving in the right direction!

First up, we had a brand-new installment in our Sprite Rippers feature. For those that don't know, this is a video series where some of the podcast crew sit down and poke fun at various games. This time we gave Home Alone 2 on the NES a whirl. It may not be the best game in the world, but we certainly had fun roasting it!

Next we had another installment in the 'My Parents Play' series. By far, this is the video series you guys seem to enjoy the most! Well this latest episode is can't-miss, in my opinion. My Mom and Dad put hopped aboard some high-flying vehicles to try and earn a flight certificate in the original Pilotwings! Do they have what it takes to become proficient pilots?

As you probably know, the GoNintendo Podcast records LIVE every week. You can join us on the site and watch the show being recorded live. You can even join in and chat with us and other listeners while it's going on! If you can't make time for that, you can always download the podcast or watch the video archive. Here's episode 502, which turned into quite the super-sized show!

Finally, we ended the week with a video review of Fossil Fighters: Frontier from Yoshiller! We'll certainly have more video reviews in the future, but it was wonderful to kick things off with Yoshiller's work. If you want to hear deep details on this lesser known/reviewed game, this video should do the trick.

Again, that's just a taste of the content that our YouTube page features. We'd love to have you subscribe and join the fun, which you can do right here!

This week's European downloads - April 2 (Xenoblade 3D and Kami)

Nintendo eShop (3DS)

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (Nintendo) - €44.99/£39.99
In a vast world of adventure, where the action stretches as far as the eye can see, you must battle evil in the sprawling RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, only for New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. An almighty crash heralded the sudden arrival of the Bionis and the Mechonis to this world, for the two titans were locked in a timeless battle. Once the dust had settled, only their corpses remained. Now, the Bionis' enormous body, covered in lush plains, is home to a developed civilisation, the Homs. But life on Bionis was not destined to flourish forever. One day, a horde of mechanical life forms from the Mechonis launched an all-out attack on the inhabitants of Bionis. The Homs' only remaining hope is a legendary sword, Monado, said to be a gift from the titan itself. Unfortunately, whosoever wields the sword must endure a great toll on their body...

Free bonus theme offer until 09/04/2015:
Free download code for the Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme "Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: The Monado" included with every purchase of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D from Nintendo eShop. The free download code will be shown on the screen after purchase, and also on your receipt.

KAMI (CIRCLE Ent.) - €2.99/£2.39
KAMI is deceptively simple: fold out coloured paper to fill in the screen in as few moves as possible. Relaxing and easy to pick up, you'll soon find yourself deep in contemplation to perfect each puzzle. Created by State of Play, famous for their handcrafted aesthetics, KAMI has been created with real paper in an elegant Japanese theme. KAMI is tactile, engaging and stunning to look at and features a calming and elegant soundtrack. There are 63 unique puzzles, with Premium Puzzles and Hints also included.

Special offers
VAN HELSING SNIPER ZX100 (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.99/£2.69 (Permanent, was €6.66/£6.66)
Aqua Moto Racing 3D (Zordix AB) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends April 9, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Tappingo (CIRCLE Ent.) - €1.99/£1.69 (Ends April 23, normally €2.99/£2.49)
The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT (CIRCLE Ent.) - €2.99/£2.99 (Ends April 23, normally €3.99/£3.49)
European Conqueror 3D (CIRCLE Ent.) - €2.99/£2.19 (Ends April 23, normally €3.99/£2.99)
Citizens of Earth (Atlus) - €7.99/£6.69 (Ends April 9, normally €11.99/£9.99)
10-in-1: Arcade Collection (Gamelion) - €0.99/£0.89 (Ends April 30, normally €1.99/£1.79)
Crazy Kangaroo (Gamelion) - €0.99/£0.89 (Ends April 30, normally €1.99/£1.89)
PIX3D (Gamelion) - €1.99/£1.79 (Ends April 30, normally €3.99/£3.59)
Rage of the Gladiator (Gamelion) - €3.49/£3.09 (Ends April 30, normally €6.99/£6.29)
SpeedX (Gamelion) - €1.49/£1.29 (Ends April 30, normally €2.99/£2.69)
SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition (Gamelion) - €0.99/£0.89 (Ends April 30, normally €1.99/£1.79)
Pick-A-Gem (Gamelion) - €1.49/£1.29 (Ends April 30, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Monster Shooter (Gamelion) - €1.99/£1.60 (Ends April 30, normally €4.00/£3.20)
Hazumi (Gamelion) - €1.99/£1.60 (Ends April 30, normally €3.99/£3.20)

Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

Special offers
Gravity Badgers (Wales Interactive) - €2.49/£2.49 (Ends April 29, regular price €4.99/£4.99)
Citizens of Earth (Atlus) - €7.99/£6.69 (Ends April 9, normally €11.99/£9.99)

GoNintendo Video Review - Fossil Fighters: Frontier (by Yoshiller!)

The push for new GoNintendo video content continues on! Today we're VERY proud to bring you a video review of Fossil Fighters: Frontier. The entire review, from beginning to end, was put together by new staffer Yoshiller! With his expertise in video, we figured he was the perfect guy to have work on a video review! You can find the feature below. Please leave a comment on here or YouTube and let us know what you think!

Direct link here

Details on the cancelled ZombiU 2 (co-op gameplay considered)

The following details come an Unseen64 team member...

- ZombiU 2 was in development for a short period back in early 2013
- roughly 5-10 staffers worked on the project
- the game never left pre-production
- it didn't take long for the game to be cancelled
- explore a “run-down, zombie apocalypse setting”
- would have featured co-op
- one player would control the GamePad, while the other would use the Pro Controller
- players would get split up via multiple routes at points during the campaign
- this co-op would be local only
- more melee weapons were another desire of the team


GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 502


This show is so big that our usual hosting site can't even hold it! We're jam-packed with all sorts of talk this week. Zelda delay, site happenings, reviews, videos, new radio shows and SO much more. Brew a pot of tea or coffee and get ready for the long haul!

Download the show here

Zelda Wii U will not be shown at this year's E3

Aonuma says The Legend of Zelda Wii U may not release in 2015

Eiji Aonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda, has a message to share. Please take a look at this video.

Posted by The Legend of Zelda on Friday, March 27, 2015

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