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You can also connect to #GoNintendo on irc.irchighway.net with one of these clients: ChatZilla | XChat | mIRC | Colloquy | Mibbit | Trillian
Chat Room Rules (Show)

The following rules are intended only to provide a baseline for behavior in the IRC room. They are not all-inclusive, since not every situation can be predicted, but hopefully with some common sense and decency, our chat members won't pursue situations which their behavior is in question.

By entering the chat, you are agreeing to abide by them, or face consequences which can include but not be limited to kicking or banning.

View Room Rules on Google Docs

These rules are intended only to keep peace and order in the chat. Please feel free to private message any of the OPs with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. If you have a complaint that needs action taken, be sure to include enough information, including some sort of proof or log of the activity. Hearsay is not actionable as proof of anyone's wrongdoing. OPs will keep logs, especially when taking action against a user, but logs beyond that are your own responsibility.

Should you have an issue that cannot be resolved in the chat environment, please contact t27duck for help.

Your Friendly IRC Ops

IRC Quick Help Guide (Show)
Changing Your Nick: Type /nick [new_nickname]

If your nickname gets changed to Guest, someone else on the network has registered it. Unless you own the nick, you'll have to pick another nickname.

To register a nickname, type /nickserv register [password] [email_address]

Once you sign on with your registered nickname you need to type /nickserv identify [password] before your nick gets changed to a Guest nick.
Joining Another Room: Type /join #[channel_name]
You can switch between rooms you've joined by using the tabs at the top of the chat application
Identifying Ops: Ops (Chatroom Moderators) have a @ or ! symbol next to their name in the users list. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same to you.