IHS Markit talks Switch sales thus far, market showing positive reaction, strong momentum

IHS Markit data shows that Nintendo Switch sold through almost 2.3 million consoles to consumers around the World during the launch month of March. This performance with limited inventory has led us to upgrade our Switch country level forecasts. New forecasts are now available in the Games Intelligence Service and will be shortly available in Games Intelligence Premium.

Prior to the launch, Nintendo had forecast that it would sell-in to retail 2 million Switch consoles during calendar Q1 2017 and the sell-through data shows that it has significantly beaten this target by a minimum of 20%. Sell-in to the end of March is likely to have amounted to between 2.4 to 2.6 million as Switch continues to be out of stock across major sales territories.

Switch Inventory Weighted Towards USA and Japan

Across the key sales regions of USA, Japan and PAL (including Europe), it is now clear that Europe has had significantly less stock to sell compared to the USA, with Nintendo prioritising the North American sales region for the launch. Japan, comparatively, has also had a lot more stock for its relatively smaller population.

According to retail sales tracker NPD, Switch sold at least 906,000 units to consumers in USA, but it is likely that the installed base of the console is at least a little higher than this due to increased imports during the opening weeks of launch when consumers were desperate to get their hands on the new console. This also goes someway to explaining why the attach rate of the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was higher in the USA than tracked hardware sales. In turn it is likely that a small percentage of USA tracked sales have made their way into South and Central America.

Signs Are Good but It’s Still Early

Overall, with Switch sell-through of 2.3 million, Nintendo will be pleased with the result. It will similarly be pleased with the continued sales in April even if the lack of inventory is curtailing sales to a certain degree. However, comparing the performance with previous console launches is fraught with difficulties considering the amount of variables including launch day, launch month, price point, stock management and product availability. These variables make any comparisons less insightful or useful. Even so, there is certainly stronger momentum behind the platform than we initially expected which has resulted in an upgrade to our forecasts.

Towards the end of April we are already in to the second phase of the launch cycle with the release of Nintendo’s next big Switch title Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and sales during this period will give us a better indication of how the console will retain its sales momentum. The games launch line-up for Switch for the rest of 2017 has improved and now looks quite strong.

An additional area of developing interest is when and how Nintendo will implement its paid for online console service. Using a similar conversion rate and pricing to the other online platforms – Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus – Nintendo Switch subscriptions could generate spending of almost $40m in 2017 and eventually balloon to $1.1 billion by 2021. The scale of the revenue stream on offer for these services suggests a brighter future for Nintendo’s online services for Switch users.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap devs play the game and give insight into its development

The video below features gameplay of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, which is accompanied by Lizardcube artist Ben Fiquet and dev Omar Cornut.

Watch live video from Gamasutra on www.twitch.tv

Fan-Art: Mega Man cosplay

Certainly a unique take on the Mega Man outfit. Believe it or not, this cosplay costume cost about $50 to make. Check out more pics here!

My Nintendo - Ultra Street Fighter II rewards info

Reward available until: 5/27/2017 at 2 AM [America/New York]
Redeemable: 1 time
To celebrate the release of the Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers game for the Nintendo Switch™ console on 5/26, we're offering this May calendar featuring the "supreme master of the fist" himself, Akuma. It can be downloaded in eight different resolutions for PC, smart phone, or tablet.

For PCs
・1920 x 1080,・1366 x 768,・1280 x 1024
For smart devices
・1080 x 1920・640 x 1136・1242 x 2208・750 x 1334 ・720 x 1280

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Puyo Puyo Tetris - cheat code to unlock all content

Thanks to KaiserGX for the heads up!

Nnooo announces new console games, considering them for Switch release

Multiple titles will be playable on Nnooo’s booth at this weekend's GX Australia in Sydney

27 April, 2016 - Sydney, Australia: Nnooo is expanding its stable of published games with the announcement of 2 new titles coming to multiple consoles.

The first title to be announced is MALLOW DROPS, the multi-award-winning gravity puzzle game from Australian developer John Kane. Help two kiwis, Marsh and Mallow, rescue their eggs in a shattered world and get to the exit! Turn everything upside down as you slide, shift and move through the game’s mix of platformer combined with gravity-defying sliding block puzzles. Watch out for the Wooly Jumpers and Dirty Underbears who will make your life difficult and avoid the dreaded Dropbears at all costs! Getting to where you need to go is half the fun - just be sure to look before you leap.

The second title is ARMED WITH WINGS: REARMED, a 2015 PAX Aus Indie Showcase Winner from Australian developer Daniel Sun. The game is a 2D action/puzzle platformer set in a dangerous world ruled by darkness and imperial tyranny. Use your sword to summon the power of Lightning and Thunder, assisted by your eagle companion who explores the skies to scan the road ahead, distract guards, move objects and collect unreachable items. Tyrant King Vandheer resides in his palace, waiting for your arrival. Your goal - to challenge and defeat him.  

Both games will be playable on PC on the Nnooo booth at this weekend's GX Australia convention in Sydney.

Nic Watt, Founder and Creative Director of Nnooo says:

“We’re delighted to add these 2 Australian games to our publishing lineup. They are both very different in nature but share the same qualities of high production values and great gameplay, and both games are really fun to play. We are looking forward to working with John and Daniel to ensure their games reach a wider audience.”

In addition to Mallow Drops and Armed With Wings: Rearmed, the following games previously announced for consoles will be playable on the Nnooo booth at GX Australia:

by Epiphany Games (playable on Xbox One)
ROGUE SINGULARITY by Considerable Content (playable on PlayStation 4)
ANODYNE by Analgesic Productions (playable on Xbox One)

All five games, currently available on Steam, will be published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by Nnooo. In addition, all games are currently being assessed for their suitability on Nintendo Switch.

Console/handheld release dates and final platforms for each game will be announced on future dates.

As an extra bonus the following games will be playable on Nintendo 3DS at GX Australia:


Business and Marketing Director of Nnooo, Bruce Thomson says:

“We had a handheld section at last year’s GX Australia and it was very popular so we thought we’d include some of our previously released Nintendo 3DS games at this year’s show. We also recently celebrated our 10th anniversary so it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our work. With a total of eight unique games spread across multiple platforms we have something for everyone at this year’s GX Australia.”  

Cave Story+ physical version to include instruction booklet

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ had an instruction booklet for those that picked up a physical copy. Looks like Cave Story+ is going to do the same. The booklet with Isaac spoofed the style of the instruction booklet for the original Legend of Zelda. Is this Cave Story+ manual going to spoof something as well? Going off of just cover art, Metroid on the NES had a gray booklet as well. The two games certainly have similar styles!