Pokemon Sun/Moon - Win More against the Elite Four in the “Defend Your Champion Title!” Global Mission

Show your mettle by taking on the Elite Four in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon with a new global mission at the PGL! In the “Defend Your Champion Title!” global mission, participants have a goal to collectively earn the title of League Champion 100,000 times between June 27 at 00:00 UTC and July 10 at 23:59 UTC. Everyone who becomes Champion for this global mission at least once will earn Festival Coins, and Pokémon Global Link members can earn even more rewards!

To earn the title of League Champion, not only will you have to take on the Elite Four, you’ll also have to defeat the current League Champion. Prepare your best team and figure out your best strategies. Remember that you can battle the Elite Four in any order, but your Pokémon won’t be healed automatically and you won’t be able to leave until you become Champion (or are defeated), so be prepared before you enter!

To join a global mission, first head to the Festival Plaza in your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game. Enter the castle and speak to the receptionist on the right. She’ll let you join the global mission and guarantee that every trip to the top will count toward this global mission. Then start battling for the title of League Champion.

If the goal of 100,000 Championship titles is reached, PGL members will earn 4,000 Festival Coins, while Trainers who haven’t joined the PGL will earn 2,000 Festival Coins. If the goal is not reached, the participation prize will be 400 FC for PGL members, and 200 FC for Trainers not registered at the PGL.

Pokémon Global Link members are also eligible to receive a Moon Ball—a Poké Ball that has better odds of catching a Pokémon that can evolve using a Moon Stone—if a bonus goal of 200,000 League Champion titles is reached. Plus, regardless of the success of the global mission, any PGL member who contributes at least one League Champion title to the tally will earn five Rare Candies!

Remember that a PGL account is free, and you have until the end of the global mission time period to create an account and sync your game to earn the bigger bonus. You can sign up for a PGL account today.

Check out “How to Participate in Global Missions” if you’d like a more detailed walkthrough on how to join the fun.

Good luck in the “Defend Your Champion Title!” global mission! Remember to use Game Sync by July 10 at 23:59 UTC to get your Elite Four victories counted toward the grand total.

StarFox 2 - Japanese box

I mean...what world am I in? How is this not the Twilight Zone?! I'm posting the official StarFox 2 box for Japan, and the game is seeing release in all regions this year. In all my years of GN, this is the most surreal moment I've ever had.

Super Famicom Classic Edition - AC Adapter box

I always loved the Super Famicom box, and I'm glad to see Nintendo kept that style for the Classic Edition in Japan. It's just colorful, retro and fun.

Shakedown Hawaii - new info on story and gameplay mechanics

- play as an aging Legitimate Businessman and D-list celebrity
- this character comes out of retirement when finding out via a news report that his old business is struggling to stay afloat
-.the business is on the verge of being taken over by a rival organized crime syndicate
- gameplay consists of shaking down local businesses for protection money with the threat (or actual use of) violence
- you then use that money to keep your business going
- you have mostly free reign to steal cars, run over pedestrians, and run amok
- wear disguises
- there is a police force and they will hunt you down if you aren’t careful
- one mission has you torching a collection of businesses
- the game's writing features observational humor and parodies of exploitative business practices
- you can have incidental conversations with denizens
- there are descriptions of locations on the map

Nights of Azure 2 - info on demon Malvasia, The Three Popes, and many more details

■ Characters

Malvasia, the “Demon / Queen of the Moon” (voiced by Yu Shimamura)

The head of the demons who emerged as a replacement for the Nightlord who disappeared. She can be sealed away by offering the “Bride of Time.” It is said that she was a calm demon in the past, but now for some reason seems to be trying to envelop the world in eternal night.

—A being that appears divine. She addresses Alushe with cold eyes and a disinterested tone.

—Malvasia brings her face close to Alushe’s as if to give her a soft kiss. However, she is thrusting her blade deep into Alushe’s chest.

The Three Popes, “The Top of the Curia” (voiced by Reiko Suzuki)

The top of the Curia, who are trying to offer up the Bride of Time in order to seal the Queen of the Moon. After reflecting on the dictatorial rule of the former pope, the new popes were established as a three-person parliamentary system to make decisions. The three popes calmly gaze at Alushe and company through the openings of their majestic outfits.

—With light shining through the stained glass behind them, the three popes give off a cold atmosphere during an audience. Even those that belong the Curia have not seen their faces.

■ Bonding with Lilys

By fighting together and deepening your bonds with Lilys, Alushe’s connection with them will become stronger. Even Muveil, who is hostile towards Alushe at first, will open her heart through battle and new interactions.

A Reliable Ally to Take on a Formidable Foe

—Alushe once admired Muveil like an older sister. After becoming a demon, she targets Alushe to make her fall to the demons, but after becoming an ally, she’ll fight alongside Alushe as a reliable Lily.

Power as a Lily

As a holy knight of the Curia that fights to the bitter end, Muveil can make use of abilities that specialize in giving players an edge in battle, such as inflicting status ailments on the enemy.

—With her active skill “Battle Cry,” Muveil attracts the enemy’s attention to herself and raises her defense power.

—In order to trigger a Double Chase collaborative attack with Muveil, a fixed number of enemies must be inflicted with status ailments.

Deepening Your Bonds

By continuing to battle and performing Lily actions, the bonds between Alushe and the Lilys will deepen. What kinds of expressions will you get to see from Muveil, who did nothing but fight as a holy knight and fell to demons?

By Growing the Flowers of Two Characters, Their Hearts Will Eventually Bloom

■ A Helpful Cast of Lilys

In running through the darkness of the night, Alushe will meet various girls. In addition to the bonds she was originally cultivating, the girls she will meet after becoming a half-demon will also help her as they head toward confrontation against the Queen of the Moon together.

The Power of a Reliable Lily

By Alushe and her Lily partner attacking enemies and performing cooperative actions like Double Chases and active skills, the tension gauge will rise, and when it reaches its maximum value, you can perform a Lily Burst special move.

—Here is a look at the Lily Burst with Liliana. Alushe protects Liliana while she is chanting, and her prayers call down a light from the heavens that strikes several enemies.

—Here is a look at the Lily Burst with Veruschka. After launching the enemy with their fast movements, Alushe and Veruschka combine their power to deal heavy damage to the enemy.

A Story Filled with Lilys

By raising your intimacy level with a Lily, a story between Alushe and that Lily will be told, and Lily events will occur. You can also see a sides to the Lily characters that you otherwise would not.

—The innocently delightful Eleanor. She is honest about her feelings, and Alushe is bashful around her.

—Arnice and Alushe in a beautiful flower garden. Arnice feels a sense of familiarity with Alushe due to her straightforward personality.

■ The Story of Girls Who Run through the Night

In escorting her childhood friend and the saint Liliana, Alushe, and agent of the Curia, is killed by the Queen of the Moon and brought back to life as a half-demon. Alushe follows her heart and decides to defeat the Queen of the Moon.

—Carrying the blood sword in her hand, Muveil stands before Alushe. Muveil was originally a knight belonging to the same group as Alushe, and Alushe admired her as a commanding officer that bravely led her subordinates. Such a woman once left Alushe profound words. Just what has happened to Muveil?

—What is the best thing to do to save the girl who fell to demons? Camilla, who is researching half-demons, suggests one possibility. But at the same time, there is the danger that Alushe might become closer to a demon. And it seems that Camilla is also closely linked to Muveil.

—While Muveil weighed on her mind, Alushe moves on ahead in order to obtain information on the Queen of the Moon. Along the way, Christophorus appears again before her. A “demon of purity,” Alushe is able to tell that Christophorus is not involved with the Queen of the Moon.

—On her journey to find the Queen of the Moon, Alushe and Muveil finally confront each other. No doubt can be seen in their straightforward gaze. Carrying the same blood sword, and keeping the promise she made with the Muveil she admired like an older sister close to her chest, Alushe commences the battle.

—Alushe, who has overcome numerous battles, relaxes her mind by messing around with two of her childhood friends like they once did in the past. What could Veruschka be thinking as she stares at them from a distance?

—Alushe has no free time to stand still. Numerous obstacles await her in the long road she has to travel. Supported by her allies, Alushe will continue to fight in order to defeat the Queen of the Moon.

■ The Abilities of “Tricker” Servans

“Tricker” Servans can reduce Alushe’s MP, consume MP to perform Servan actions, perform unique special actions on the field. These Servans will play an active role in various situations, including proceeding the battle more advantageously and opening new paths.

—Shalf, the thunder wolf Servan, can manipulate electricity from within its body. In addition to using this power in battle in ways such as sending electricity through the water fountain to paralyze and deal damage to surrounding enemies, it can also be used to solve field puzzles.

—Falfara is a butterfly Servan with elegant, shining wings. It can pick up Alushe, allowing her to jump high and reach high locations.

Psyonix details the process of bringing Rocket League to Switch

Coming from a GamesBeat interview with Psyonix publishing boss Jeremy Dunham...

“Our whole goal for Rocket League on Switch was that we wanted it to look and feel exactly like Rocket League on other platforms. We didn’t want to make any compromises.”

We feel really confident about it. In the beginning, we weren’t so sure. We had to do custom work. The Switch by itself doesn’t have inherent Unreal 3 support. It only has Unreal 4. To support 3, we had to do custom work.

The main compromise we had to make is we’re running the game in 720p rather than 1080p, even on the TV. It’s our opinion that it’s much more beneficial for the game to run fast at 60 frames per second than to look the absolute best. We’ll ship at 60 frames per second for the docked version and the undocked version.

We’re actually ahead of where we thought we’d be. We didn’t think we would have it running this smooth, this early. For a while we were concerned about whether we’d have anything to show at E3 at all. We have a very talented team at Psyonix. Our engineers have done a lot of hard work to make sure this runs as well as it does already. We’ve already discovered things in the last few weeks that we weren’t aware of a few weeks ago. It’s already made the game perform incredibly. We’re very encouraged.”

Super Nintendo Classic Edition - Amazon page up, but not yet live

Oh boy, here we go. Get ready for a bloodbath, gang. Amazon's page for the SNES Classic Edition is now up, but preorders/orders aren't live yet. We don't know if/when they'll go live, so...just be ready 24 hours a day! Yeah, we know it sucks.

Page here (thanks to all who sent this in!)


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