Wii U/Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo eShop maintenance incoming later today

Services impacted
Wii U: Nintendo eShop (all online services)
Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo eShop (all online services)
Web: buying games from the Nintendo Homepage (all online services) [Japan-only]

Europe: February 27th (9PM) to February 28th (1AM)
UK: February 27th (8PM) to February 28th (12AM)
North America (EST): February 27th (3PM to 7PM)
North America (PST): February 27th (12PM to 4PM)
Japan: February 28th (5AM to 9AM)

Voez - game can't be played in TV mode, JP version supports English

- software can't be played in TV mode as it uses the touchscreen
- Japanese version supports Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean
- 116 songs can be played from the start
- exclusive songs planned that will be added through free updates

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Aonuma talks about the importance of the old man

This comes from a Nintendo France Q&A with Eiji Aonuma, translated by Perfectly Nintendo...

Question #7: Is the mysterious character in brown clothes the same person that gives us the sword in the first Zelda game?

Since Breath of the Wild takes a lot from the very first Zelda game, where you’re also completely free to go wherever you want, people have often asked me whether the old man was the same that the one who gives you the first sword in the original Zelda game, or a mere reference.

I can confirm it’s a different character. He plays an extremely important role in the story, as he’s the one that influences Link’s destiny. He’s such an important character that I wrote his dialogue lines myself.

Two Tribes PR - RIVE, Two Tribes' best & last game, comes to Nintendo Switch

Yes, we said we wouldn't develop any new games at Two Tribes. And yes, we still feel like dinosaurs in the games industry. But we're not extinct yet. In fact, we're bringing our best and last, twin-stick shooter/platformer RIVE, to Nintendo Switch this year!

The news comes after the admission in 2016 that our Nintendo strategy was in flux. Now, we can finally reveal what we've been up to: RIVE was bumped from Wii U™ to Nintendo Switch, where it'll be playable in ultra-fast and super-challenging 60 FPS glory.

We're developing RIVE on Nintendo Switch together with Engine Software. Details about the game's exclusive Nintendo Switch expansion, as well as a release date, will be announced later on.

Two Tribes has always had a strong Nintendo tradition. Toki Tori on Game Boy Color was our debut, way back in 2001! Since then, many of our games have appeared on Nintendo platforms, including Toki Tori 2+ and RUSH. Lots of fans have let us know they’d like to play RIVE on a Nintendo system. So we can't wait to finally bring RIVE to Nintendo Switch!

RIVE is a great fit for Nintendo Switch. It was always intended as an explosive ode to the action games of the early nineties. Nostalgic, yet thoroughly modern. And we feel that Nintendo Switch, too, is all about bringing the experience from our youth, playing deep and skill-based games together, to the current day.

RIVE (meaning 'to tear apart violently') is filled to the brim with references to our favorite games (sure hope you recognize the above!), with spectacular set-pieces, and humor, via the game's main characters. Space scavenger Roughshot and robot butler DLL are both voiced by the talented Mark Dodson, of Star Wars and Gremlins fame.

One reviewer appropriately called the game "a heart attack inducing crazy nostalgia rollercoaster". It was received very well on Steam and PlayStation 4, with a 95% Steam user rating.

For more info, follow us on Twitter or on Facebook, or visit rivethegame.com.

Voez - Nintendo Switch trailer

Splatoon 2 - more info on the Roller weapon