Pokken Tournament has a chance at coming stateside, say devs

Arcades certainly aren't as popular in the states as they are in Japan, but is there a chance we could see the upcoming Pokken Tournament come to North America? While the dev team wasn't specific, they did state that there's certainly a chance for the game to make its way here. Unfortunately we don't get any other details than that.

If you'd like to see where the info comes from, you can hit up this link for a 30 minute documentary on Pokken Tournament, completely in English.

More details from Famitsu's Xenoblade Chronicles X player survey

The following data comes from a Famitsu survey of 1,257 people...


Pokemon Shuffle - update 1.2.6, mobile beta details

Update 1.2.6

– 10 new stages;
– Jirachi event: playable once per day, until July 10th;
– Tepig challenge, in preparation for Pignite (coming in August);
– new Daily Events.

Monday: Wynaut
Tuesday: Torkoal
Wednesday: TBC
Thursday: TBC
Friday: TBC

Mega Manectric

– Top 20 000 players in Europe / Top 40 000 players in North America / Top 100 000 players in Japan: Manectite;
– Top 10 000 players in Europe / Top 20 000 players in North America / Top 50 000 players in Japan: Manectite + Mega Start;
– Top 3 000 players in Europe / Top 6 000 players in North America / Top 15 000 players in Japan: Manectite + Mega Start + Mega Speedup.

If your rank was not good enough, you will get a Jewel. To get your reward, simply use the check-in feature in-game.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile beta

-y 30 stages available
- current Special Stages are Mew (which costs 2 hearts), Rotom and Meowth
- if you’ve already played one of the “once per day” stages, you might have to use jewels to play the others
- a present box, where you can see all the presents you received via check-in

Mechanic Arms working on 3DS eShop title

- coming from Mechanic Arms
- 3DS eShop game
- releasing this Summer in Japan
- teaser site here