Glory of Generals: The Pacific coming to 3DS eShop

Pokemon Shuffle - Lucarionite distribution, Shaymin stage

Yoshi's Woolly World - tons of new details (levels, transformations, controls and more)

- takes place on Craft Island,a small island in the Handmade Ocean
- this is where a clan of peaceful Yoshis live
- Kamek shows up and turns most of the dinosaurs into various sets of yarn
- Two Yoshi manage to escape to catch Kamek
- as Kamek escapes, he drops yarn everywhere, which Yoshi sets out to get
- health is represented by hearts that circle around Yoshi
- use yarn balls to find hidden paths and platforms
- in Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill, you rebuild a windmill using yarn
- pull bows with Yoshi's tongue to reveal secrets
- some seemingly dead-end walls actually hide secrets
- Smiley Flowers make a return
- if you hit one at the stage's end roulette wheel, a bonus challenge will await you
- collect fruit along the way
- points that you earn are changed into beads, which are added to a specific counter
- beads are used as currency for Power Badges
- these badges will grant you special powers for a single course and you can only use one at a time
- as you progress, more badges will become available
- some badges help you to get 100% in older levels
- badges let you use Poochy the dog, pull items in with a magnetic force, see hidden items, make your Ground Pound move stronger, become faster and more
- you can even change your ability mid-stage
- 20 of the beads in every stage contain Stamp Patches
- these unlock some Miiverse stamps
- there are 5 Wonder Wools in every course
- grab all 5 to make re-knit a Yoshi and have them appear alongside you
- options include Hot Cocoa Yoshi, Candyfloss Yoshi, Poochy Yoshi and more
- every world has its own theme
- start in a grassy world, move on to the desert, head to a wondrous playground, and then finish in a deep jungle
- not every level in a world follows the overall theme
- the second level is Bounceabout Woods, where all trees in the stage are bouncepads
- another stage is Crawdaddy Beach, where you skip yarn balls across the water
- “Wobbly Mobile Jaunt” has a number of mobiles similar to what you see in the Smash Bros. stage
- tilt the mobiles to climb higher
- “Scarf-Roll Scamper” makes you hang tight on fabric rolls to move about and you can't use your yarn ball
- “Spooky Scraps! Don't Get Spooked” reveals platforms when you hide behind a curtain
- when behind a curtain, enemies can't be defeated
- Yoshi transformations include a motorcycle,a mermaid with a special spin attack, a plane, umbrella, digging device, and growing massively in size
- levels have frequent checkpoints, but offer a good amount of challenge
- supported controllers include Wii Remote, the Wii Classic Controller (Pro), the Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii U GamePad
- when playing with just the Wii Remote, you can tilt to steer the yarn ball yourself
- backgrounds of levels are sometimes curtains or clouds hanging from string

Pokemon Rumble World devs discuss the choice of free-to-play, design designs tweaked

Coming from a Famitsu interview with Ambrella director Norio Matsumura and president Muneaki Ozawa...

Matsumura: Mr. Ishihara (the president of the Pokemon Company) suggested: “Let’s try out F2P.” Personally I think that refreshing controls and the nature of continuously returning to the game are concepts which suit free games very well, so I thought there was a chance of success. However, many members of the staff are against F2P games…

It felt like a dream that more people could play the game when it’s distributed through the eShop for free. On the other hand, many staff members of our company like traditional packaged titles, so they voiced opinions like, “I’m afraid of a title in which you can pay infinitely and it is out of my league.” As that was the case, I thought people could play with peace of mind if there was an upper limit for in-game purchases.

Osawa: We did things like increase the tempo of parts which tie scenes together and remove the title screen.
Finally, Matsumura touched on why auto attack was implemented. In doing so, he also revealed that automatic movement was considered at one point.

Matsumura: Auto attack was implemented so that more people could enjoy the game. When we observed people who had no experience with the series, there were many who played the game without pressing the attack button. That’s why we considered attacking automatically and ended up implementing the feature. By the way, we also had an idea for automatic movement.
Pokemon Rumble World is available for 3DS via the eShop.

An audio interview with the voice actor for Krystal

Thanks to Mr. K for the heads up!