Random Time! - A ukulele song about Walugi

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GoNintendo Server Maintenance: Tonight at 9PM ET

Some planned server maintenance will happen at about 9PM ET tonight. Should be complete no later than 9:30 if all goes well. During this timespan the site may be unavailable for a short period.



Another handful of NX rumors - force feedback, multi-touch, USB, 720p controller screen

The following tidbits come from our friend Emily Rogers...

- article about NX's detachable controllers supporting force feedback and motion controls has truth
- NX prototype had a 6.2 inch 720p multi-touch touchscreen, but this may/may not carry over to the final system
- prototype for dock station has 2 USB ports, but again, this may not carry over to the final system

Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!

One Piece: Pirate Colosseum - latest translated scan

Make sure you click on the scan above to see the high-res version.

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice - Visual Design, Special Effects, and Localization – Oh, My!

Of Lettering and Fonts

Hello! I’m UI designer Reiko Nakano. As a UI designer, it is my job to create the layout and look of anything that conveys information about the gameplay to you, the player. This includes the title screen you see at the very beginning when you start the game, to the menus, Court Record, and dialogue text windows that you use and see all throughout the game, and even to the game’s credits at the very end.

But it’s not all about how pleasing everything looks – my work requires that I work closely with the game designers and the director to figure out how the different screens will transition into one another, and what kind of layout (like where should what kind of button go for ease of playability, etc.) would be best suited to the gameplay experience we want to achieve.

UI design is directly connected to how a game plays and how easy it is to navigate, so it’s a suuuuper important aspect of any game, but I fear this entry will get quite boring if I go into too much detail about it So instead, let’s talk about what I hope will be a bit more fun of a topic: this game’s font design.

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