Analyzing how much coverage Nintendo's Switch reveal trailer generated

Info comes from ICO Partners CEO and co-founder Thomas Bideaux ...

- Switch reveal trailer led to 3,636 articles across ICO's range of covered websites
- this puts it ahead of the 1,068 articles from the announcement of Microsoft's Project Scorpio
- this puts it behind the PS4 Pro's 4,283 article
- Switch number may have been hampered by the news dropping outside of any major media event
- Switch announcement was covered by 1,311 websites, compared to 1,144 for the PS4 Pro and 834 for Scorpio
- five days after the reveal, the Nintendo Switch reveal video on YouTube has 17m views
- the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer had 22m views over the same time period

Game Freak explains Pokemon Sun/Moon's wackier Pokemon designs

Coming from a Kotaku interview with Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori...

“When the designers first came up with the idea, the background is that the sun in Alola is so strong, that [Exeggutor] just keeps growing and growing.

For the 20th anniversary, we wanted to have a lot of special surprises…we wanted a funny element. At the same time, we had to find a balance of cool ones, serious ones. We looked at the Alola region as a whole and thought about that ecosystem.

I don’t think we have the intention of making [the professors] cooler or prettier.”

Speaking of professors, have you been wondering why Kukui is shirtless? There's a really simple answer to that. Masuda says it's because the Alola region is hot!

Just Dance 2017 - launch trailer, hitting Switch in March

Just Dance 2017 is launching on Wii and Wii U now, but Ubisoft's press release for the game also stated that the title is going to hit Switch in March. This should mean that the game will be a launch title for Switch, but we won't know that for sure until Nintendo confirms an actual date.

GameStop now accepting retro trade-ins at all stores nationwide

Looking for a quick way to make some cash to fund your Switch purchase? All GameStop locations are now offering the option to trade in retro systems. This was initially in a test phase for awhile, but it seems things went well enough to take the program nationwide. Bundle up your old goodies and lug them down to GameStop to see what you can get!

RUMOR - All Switch bundle options to include dock, Pro Controller lacks headphone jack

- the Dock will be a part of all packages in all regions
- handheld-only package may come at some point later
- Nintendo considered the idea of selling the handheld portion separately
- this was scrapped due to concerns that consumers who purchased the handheld sans dock might still think they could connect it to their TV
- no plans for the Switch to be able to connect to your TV without the use of the dock
- Switch Pro Controller doesn’t feature a headset port
- this info is based on the hardware model shown during the Switch reveal

Ectoplaza devs on why they chose Wii U, release date & Switch interest

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Co-Founder of developer Syndicate Atomic, Michael Effenberger

NL: What was the main reason for producing a game focused on local multiplayer? Do you feel the Wii U is a particularly good fit for this?

ME: Ectoplaza was originally developed for festival play, which meant that it needed to engage both the players and the audience equally so that people would want to try out the game. Through painstaking research (AKA playing way too many games in our dorm room), we found that local multiplayer was the perfect genre for this kind of social setting. And since nearly all of our favorite local multiplayer games are on Wii U, we thought that made it a particularly good fit for Ectoplaza.

NL: Was the game always planned as a Wii U release, or was it a PC project initially?

ME: Before development on Ectoplaza began, we knew we wanted to create a project that made for a great console-based experience. It wasn't until the game began to take shape that we realized Ectoplaza would be perfect for the Wii U, given the console's history of colorful platformers and local multiplayer titles.

NL: Do you have any update on a release date or pricing for Ectoplaza?

ME: Ectoplaza will be releasing on the North American Nintendo Wii U eShop for $7.99 this Thursday, October 27th. We hope the Nintendo Life community visits the haunted halls of Ectoplaza this Halloween!

NL: Does the team hope to work on Nintendo hardware again in future? If so, what's the biggest reason for that?

ME: We would love to work on Nintendo hardware again in the future, especially after the Nintendo Switch reveal. Having just developed our local multiplayer title Ectoplaza, it was especially encouraging to see the Switch announcement trailer go out of its way to highlight the local multiplayer options on-the-go console gaming can provide. The future looks bright for Nintendo, and we here at Syndicate Atomic can't wait to wrap our tendrils around the new system!

Famitsu - review scores for Oct. 25th, 2016

vvvvvv (3DS) – 7/8/8/7 [30/40]

Nintendo kicking off Splatoon showdown series this November

Time for you to start practicing and show what you've got come this November. I am so out of practice with Splatoon. I wouldn't stand a chance!

Nintendo shares pumpkin stencils for Nintendo-themed Jack-o-Lanterns