Monster Hunter Stories - Kaikatsu CLUB promotion details

- Kaikatsu CLUB is a Japanese café with 314 stores
- receive a QR code for in-game items at the cafe
- distribution begins Oct. 8th and runs until Dec. 31st

Mercenaries Saga 3 - debut trailer

Mercenaries Saga 3 is coming out on the 3DS eShop in Japan on Oct. 5th. The game will be available for 500 yen.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - file size

I could not be more excited for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 if I tried. I need that Mega Man Zero fix, and this series does that oh-so well!

Pokemon Shuffle - new challenges available

- Mega Beedrill competitive stage with a new tier of prize

- the top 300 in North America, 200 in Europe & 1,000 in Japan will get a Beedrillite and 3 Mega Speedups & 3 Raise Max Level

- the top 1,600 in North America, 1,000 in Europe & 5,000 in Japan will get a Beedrillite and 2 Mega Speedups & 2 Raise Max Level

- the top 8,000 in North America, 5,000 in Europe & 25,000 in Japan will get a Beedrillite, a Raise Max Level & a Mega Speedup

- the top 20,000 in North America, 13,000 in Europe & 60,000 in Japan will get a Beedrillite and a Disruption Delay

- the top 26,000 in North America, 18,000 in Europe & 80,000 in Japan will get an Attack Power and a Disruption Delay

- all other players will get an Attack Power

- special stage to get Slaking has appeared. It will run until October 11th 2016

- repeat of the Keldeo Resolute Form Escalation Battle has begun with all new rewards, which runs until October 11th 2016

- repeat of the special Mewtwo stage has begun and will run until October 4th 2016

- all events require version 1.3.21

Europe - Volcanion distribution detailed


- Volcanion will be distributed from October 1st through November 23rd at Gamestop, Webhallen & Spel & Sånt stores
- rather than having the Assault Vest hold item & Explosion move, it holds the Rage Candy Bar and has the move Mist.

Soul Saga Kickstarter update - Amber Synthesizing & more

Soul Saga's unique crafting system has been added this beta! Amber Synthesizing allows you to craft more potent amber using the items you find around the world as ingredients. The unique thing about this system is you can use any item combination you feel necessary to craft the amber.

Each item in the world has an Elemental Equation, and your goal is to match the equation as close as possible.

Check out the full update here (thanks Matt!)


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