Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers coming to 3DS on November 6

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on November 6. This was revealed on a Nintendo eShop listing for the game. The title was previously just scheduled for November of this year. You can check out some screenshots for the game above!

Hyrule Warriors (Legends) - final DLC coming October 31, all details revealed

Ravio and Yuga has been revealed for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors (Legends) DLC pack. This last pack, themed after Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, was originally scheduled for winter. In an interesting twist, it looks like we will be seeing it in a week!

Both characters have been described on the official Japanese website. Ravio mainly abuses a hammer, but he will also use other items from his shop. Yuga uses a paintbrush that can manipulate lightning and pictures. There are also 15 My Fairy Costumes, one map for Adventure Mode (with one adventure battle and two challenge battles) and 17 costumes. The Adventure Map will unlock more powerful weapons for new and older characters, plus some costumes.

To toy around with the new features, you will need to update your game! Here are the details for both titles:

Hyrule Warriors Legends (Ver. 1.6.0)
- level cap raised
- new Medals added
- new Fairies added (My Fairy) (you need to unlock them in the Lorule map in Adventure Mode)
- new Rental Skills added
- new Weapon Skills added (including Skills that do more damage the more remaining hearts you have)
- fixed a glitch that would block progression in the “Great Sea” Adventure map
- fixed various bugs

Hyrule Warriors (1.12.0)
- fixed various bugs

Screenshots and art here!