The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Grab Pocket Pokemon Comics for free on Free Comic Day on May 7th

To the forest! To the sea! To Legendary Island! Join our Pokémon pals on a quest through Unova for the Legendary joke - while testing your Pokémon knowledge and laughing all the way!

Check out a preview here

Wearable Proto Man helmet - preorders open

You asked for it, and we heard you! Hot on the heels of the smash-hit Mega Man Wearable Replica Helmet comes its awesome follow-up, the Proto Man Wearable Replica Helmet!

This is an incredibly, detailed replica with intricate details such as air vents on the back, a sheer see-through visor, and opening flanking side panels that allow you to insert your head. Each side panel lights up with a high-powered LED light (2 AAA batteries per light required, not included). Inside the helmet are comfortable padding cushions that can be positioned throughout the interior of the helmet to ensure a comfortable fit. Made out of high quality, ABS plastic, the Proto Man helmet sports a high polished chrome-looking sheen. This limited edition replica is not just perfect for cosplay adventures, but is suitable for display in any home or office.

Capcom Store Special! Only Proto Man helmets ordered at the Capcom Store will also include an authentic Proto Man scarf to complete your Proto Man look. Made of quality fabric and sports the Proto Man seal on one tail.

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Conveni Dream due out in May

There's just one problem with this announcement. We don't know if the May date pertains to North America or Europe. While we wait for clarification, let's hope the May release is for both parts of the world!

Futuridium EP Deluxe passes through lotcheck, release date coming

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory devs replay the game, discuss their design approach

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory devs Clint Hocking and Mathieu Bérubé sit down with the game years after it's release to replay part of the experience and discuss their approach to designing the title.

Demongeon Coming to Wii U


Title: Demongeon
Platform: Wii U eShop
Release Date: TBA 2016
Region: North America & Europe
Price: TBD
Publisher: Mobot Studios, Inc

Demongeon is a punishing platformer that will push your skills to the max. You play as a demon that has been summoned and captured by an evil alchemist. To avoid being tortured and used, you must escape his trap filled dungeon. Demogeon uniquely combines the challenge of level-based platforming into one large adventure style level with just enough hints of metroidvania gameplay to keep you wanting more! For the hardcore gamer, there is unlcokable speedrun and survival modes. In survival mode you get one life to see how far you can make it!

New Cruis'n title 'Cruis'n Adventure' hits arcades

- licensed from Nintendo
- arcade cabinet available right now is a test cabinet
- developed by Raw Thrills
- designed from scratch, completely new engine
- three button layout on the control panel for view changes,
- up to three N2O speed boosts

Thanks to E3NintendoBot for the heads up!