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Aqua Moto Racing Utopia still being worked on

Mother 3 - love theme 8-bit cover

RUMOR: Skylanders Overdrive - leaked details on plot, online play, modes and more

Plot summary

"Kaos has finally Realized the true evil portal master that he is after destroying Eon in a battle. He now having great power, decides he no longer wants to rule Skylands- He wants to destroy it. He has grown to a Giant form and has begun to tear Skylands apart with he bare hands. Spyro, new leader of the Skylanders, has gathered and elite team of Skylanders to explore a new, mysterious part of Skylands -The Rift Isles. A place where all of Skylands connects. The only way to survive the high magical powers of the the Rift Isles is to move faster then it can get to you. And that's why Spyro made an elite team- a team of Racers. Now you must use theses, and your other Skylanders and their powers to navigate the Rift Isles ,and brig Kaos to his knees."

- There are 2 modes in Skylanders Overdrive "Story" and "Overdrive Circuit".
- Overdrive Circuit is a Mario Kart inspired mode.
- You have to upgrade your Karts through out the story, by purchasing upgrades/parts
- Every figure Old and New Unlocks parts.
- Game is set for a September 20th 2015 release
- coming to Wii U, may not be coming to 3DS/Wii
- first in the franchise to feature online play
- Players can race each other online.
- The elite team of Racers is called "Overdrive Omegas" These characters have a Overdrive meter you build up then activate to increase the speed and attack of your character for about 20 seconds. They also provide and advantage during the racing segments of the game. These characters have horrible defense and health stats.
- 20 Overdrive Omegas, 20 Cores


Flare (Overdrive Omega)
Afterburner (Overdrive Omega)
Inferno (Core)
Santa Anna (Core)


Jumper Cable (Overdrive Omega)
Power Grim (Overdrive Omega)
Grinder (Core)
Joy Buzzer (Core)


Man O War (Overdrive Omega)
Backwash (Overdrive Omega)
Pack Attack (Core)
Lockjaw (Core)


Stitch Doctor (Overdrive Omega)
Magic 8 (Overdrive Omega)
Lucky Foot (Core)
Alpha Star (Core)


Bonecrusher (Overdrive Omega)
Nightcrawler (Overdrive Omega)
Fossilizer (Core)
Chuckles (Core)


Branchout (Overdrive Omega)
Flydra (Overdrive Omega)
Cherry Bomb (Core)
Sporror (Core)


Dust Bunny (Overdrive Omega)
Rampage (Overdrive Omega)
Rock Star (Core)
Cliffhanger (Core)


Wings (Overdrive Omega)
Airtime (Overdrive Omega)
Airswine (Core)
Skyshot (Core)


Sun Block (Overdrive Omega)
Lightspeed (Overdrive Omega)
Projector (Core)
Angler Aura (Core)


Darkage (Overdrive Omega)
Shade Raider (Overdrive Omega)
Hattrap (Core)
Night Club (Core)

Thanks to Jordan for the heads up!

Young Nintendo fan torn between two gift ideas for his birthday, Dad finds the perfect solution

What types of presents did you want when you turned 9 years old? Was a dictionary on the list? Well it was for Yamara99's son.

Yamara99's son was trying to figure out what he should ask for for his birthday. On one hand, he really wanted to ask for a copy of Splatoon. The more studious side of his son thought that a dictionary was the right present to ask for, considering how school studies were important. The young boy went to Yamara99 and told him that he wanted Splatoon, but decided asking for the dictionary was the right thing to do.

Obviously Yamara99 was really touched by this request from his son. Rather than letting him grow up too quickly and only focus on work for his birthday, Yamara99 came up with the perfect solution. In the image above, you can see that Yamara99 printed his own Splatoon entry in the dictionary. Even better, the printed blurb says that it's a couple 'good for one copy of Splatoon'. In other words, Yamara99's son got his dictionary, but he also netted himself that copy of Splatoon! Now that's an awesome father/son relationship! Thanks to Andrew for the heads up.

Another look at the skate park that got a Splatoon makeover

Nintendo added a day-glo colour scheme to the bowl at Corby, then took a group of skaters out there to film this for...

Posted by Sidewalk Magazine on Sunday, May 24, 2015