Japan - Select Fire Emblem 25th anniversary merchandise heading to online retailers

- replica of Azura’s necklace from Fire Emblem Fates
- blue gemstone is a Swarovski crystal,
- the chain and pendant are made of brass.
- only 700 of these will be produced
- available from Otomart and Gee!Store

- Fire Emblem Hundred Song of Heroes
- a Fire Emblem themed version of the “Karuta” card game
- goal is to grab a “grabbing” card corresponding to a “reading” card before your opponents do
- 100 beautifully illustrated reading cards, with each depicting a Fire Emblem hero and half of a poem (or song)
- other half included on the matching grabbing card
- 59 artists provided artwork, including Yusuke Kozaki (artist of Fates and Awakening), Senri Kita (artist of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), Sachiko Wada, Eiji Kaneda, Maki Hakoda, Kotaro Yamada and HACCAN
- sold from the aforementioned retailers after the concer

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX gets update in NA/EU

- updated to version 1.04 EX
- includes Metal Mario, Rosalina
- mirror modes of all tracks
- new title screen
- new vehicles and power ups
- improved drifting mechanics
- drifting can now give you a boost at the end
- 3 levels of boost depending on how long your drift lasts

Dev updates on The Bridge/Tumblestone/Hex Heroes, all slated for Wii U

A portion of a 4cr interview with Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda...

4cr: Is there any information on the potential release date for The Bridge on Wii U?

Ty Taylor: It will be out this summer! We don’t have an exact release date yet, but we’re simultaneously launching The Bridge on Wii U (along with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Xbox One). We’re almost finished with all of these versions, and at that point, we’ll just have to coordinate a good release date with each platform to make it all click.

4cr: Will the game offer Off-TV gameplay and Miiverse Stamps support?

Ty Taylor: Unfortunately we won’t have any MiiVerse Stamps, but there will be Off-TV gameplay. All of the audio and visuals are mapped to the Wii U GamePad (with touch and tilt support as well), so no TV is required. Also, you can play with a Wii Remote, so no GamePad is required if you’re using a TV.

4cr: Are either of you working on other game releases for Nintendo’s Wii U? If so, what can you tell us about them?

Mario Castañeda: Ty and I are both working on Tumblestone which will hit all platforms under the sun, but will feel right at home on the Wii U. I’m also working on Hex Heroes, a real-time-strategy party game made with the Wii U’s features in mind. We’re about a year into development and things are looking great. You can follow our progress over at HexHeroes.com.

Full interview here

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Metal Man

Number: DWN-009

Weapon: Metal Blade

Weakness: Metal Blade

A robot whose design is based on that of Cut Man. The key is to watch his quick movements and dodge his Metal Blades.

After suffering a thorough defeat at the hands of Mega Man and Dr Light, Dr Wily rebounds with an assortment of EIGHT deadly Robot Masters... and the first off the line was designed specifically for combat against the Blue Bomber.

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Amazon listing for Zero Escape 3 mentions 'preorder bonus'

- Diabolic new puzzles and fully animated story sections push the boundaries of interactive storytelling!
- New comers and familiar faces round out a robust cast of characters.
- English and Japanese voice over options flesh out the narrative
- Multiple endings and non linear story mechanics will keep you coming back for more!
- Limited Time only bonus

Grab yours here

Don't Crash - file size

REPORT - Company sneaks malware into Android NES emulator

Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks says it has discovered a new family of malware that looks and behaves like advertising software, all while stealing personal information from infected Android devices. The malware is called Gunpoder, and it’s hidden in a gaming app.

The app is based on an open-source Nintendo Entertainment System emulator (an app that runs classic Nintendo games from the 1980s and early 1990s on mobile) and is available in third-party app stores. The bad actors behind the Gunpoder malware took the original emulator and added a payment function, advertising software, and a text feature that promotes the game using a device’s contact list. The result is a paid app that also steals your personal information.

Full report here

Nordic Games says Legend of Kay Anniversary due out July 28th