Red Goddess Kickstarter update - console pricing, collaboration with singer

Selling price of Red Goddess consoles:

Finally we decided to sell our game consoles at the same price as in PC. Therefore, for those who pledged $ 20, we have decided repay you with an extra copy on PC. We hope you look like this idea.

Special skin Emma Hewitt:

The famous singer Emma Hewitt, with whom we have been working recently, she's agree to appear in our game with a skin, the truth is that for us is a honour to receive her support.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!

Nintendo's Finnish distributor to change offices on June 1st

- Moving out May 28

- Opening new offices June 1

- Customer service moving to new building as well

Fan-Art: If Splatoon was an NES game

Believe it or not, the action you see above is actually playable! That's pretty in-depth for an NES tribute!