Super Russian Roulette Kickstarter update - release date and more

I hope all of you will be excited by everything I have to share today! The arms of the manufacturing beast are moving, but I need more time before I flash the carts with the final version of the game. Given my current progress, I estimate that I’ll have the carts in the mail by February 2017. Below, find the long answer, and what I’ve been doing since my last update:

Full update here

Jimmy Fallon can't contain his excitement about the Switch

Here's Jimmy Fallon at a Cavs game, talking to someone about the Nintendo Switch. He's clearly going through the motions of taking the Joy-Cons off the Switch screen. On top of that, it looks like he stole Miyamoto's tag from his Tonight Show appearance! Really awesome to see that Jimmy is a genuine fan.

Monster Hunter XX - special soundtrack art, limited edition pic

The Monster Hunter XX Creator's Selection soundtrack features 5 tracks and is due out on March 17th, 2017. This soundtrack is also included in the limited edition bundle, also seen above.