We're recording episode 615 of the GoNintendo Podcast today at 6 PM, instead of our usual Saturday at 3:15 PM show. Hope you can join us live!

Cars 3: Driven to Win - file size, 4-player support

- File size: 4.2 GB
- Up to 4 Players
- Supports Pro Controller

"Something big" in the works for Switch version of NBA Playgrounds

Here's what Matthew Karch, one of the devs on NBA Playgrounds, had to say to a fan who asked when the online patch is coming to the Switch version of the game.

We have something big in the works for Switch owners as a "make good". I can't share it now, but I hope to be able to announce it by Saturday. I promise it is coming soon and more.

Nintendo Minute - ARMS Art Contest Winners Revealed

Hi, we had a fun couple of weeks with ARMS! Last week after the ARMS Nintendo Direct, we asked you guys on Twitter to submit your best ARMS fan art. The amount of amazing submissions we received was truly incredible. You are all very talented. We sent your submissions to the ARMS developers in Japan so they can choose our six winners. We even have some comments from ARMS producer Mr. Yabuki and the game’s art director Mr. Ishikawa. Don’t forget join in on the ARMS fun during this weekend’s ARMS Test Punch. We hope to play with some of you online. Also, we’re taking our annual pre-E3 two week break so we’ll see you in a few weeks. Thanks so much for watching!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 615 records LIVE at 6:00 PM ET

Due to a busy weekend, we have to record the podcast today. Good news is, we have an all-star cast of podcast regulars! Should be an out-of-control show. Hope you can join us!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - story and expanded gameplay mechanics detailed

- game begins on Xandar, with the Guardians trying to repel an assault from the game's main villain, Kang the Conquerer
- the game is all about time travel
- bend time during battles with bosses and to solve puzzles
- sometimes you can slow down the action to gain a strategic advantage
- each character has their own ability and unique animations
- abilities have also been expanded with functional emotes
- Star-Lord has his trademark gravity grenades and can fly around and shoot baddies with his blasters
- he can also use his Walkman to make all enemies and friends in the area dance, allowing him to walk past without a fight
- includes fan-favorite characters like Spider-Gwen, who can stop to take a selfie in battle, which can be uploaded online

GDC 2017 - Owlboy dev session: The motivational power of inspiration

In this 2017 GDC session, D-Pad Studio's Simon Stafsnes Andersen talks about the 9-year development cycle of Owlboy and explains how the team was able to stay inspired working on one game for 9 years, and shares lessons to help developers stay inspired with their game ideas until they're complete.