Creative Alice and Prince! coming to 3DS

- coming from Happinet
- dating simulation game
- set to release on 3DS this Winter
- play as the junior high school protagonist Alice
- choose between one of five potential princes
- choices include a footballer, JPOP singer, game company president, comic book reader or a model!
- official site here

Ciao Illustrations Club coming to 3DS

- coming from Happinet
- scheduled for release this Winter
- girl manga illustrations magazine
- includes a number of drawing tools, lessons and characters from the girl’s magazine Ciao
- characters include 12 Year Old, Dolly Kanon, the adorable Puri Puri Chii-chan!! and many mor
- official site here

Smash Bros. 3DS - K.K. Slider Mii costume screens

Japan - A look at Project X Zone 2's first-print 3DS theme

Again, this will only be available in the first-print versions of the game. No word on distribution details outside of Japan at this time.

Fire Emblem Fates - first week sales analysis (Japan)

- sold over 300,000 units
- Birthright sold 154,000 copies, Conquest sold 107,000 units
- Special Edition sold 43,000 copies
- lifetime sales of Awakening in Japan are at 492,000 copies sold
- roughly 90 percent of its initial stock

Smash Bros. Wii U - Version 1.0.9 released

Ver. 1.0.9 [Released 07/02/15]

Adjustments have been made for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Splatoon - another look at the hacked Octoling

Thanks to Tytygh for the heads up!