A look at Putitto Pikachu Set 2

Preorders for this set are now open at Play-Asia. Hit up the link in the tweet above to secure yours!

The Legend of Zelda 30th anniversary Game Music Collection - more pics

30 years worth of Zelda music, and there's just so much great content to choose from. It's hard for me to pick songs from Zelda games and not end up listening to the entire soundtrack!

Quest of Dungeons dev talks porting process, challenges, time spent porting & more

The following are snippets from a Reddit AMA with Upfall Studios...

Bringing the game to Wii U/3DS

Not just saying this because I'm releasing for Nintendo now, but they were super helpful during the process. This was my first game for these platforms, not to mention 1st time working with Nintendo so I had no knowledge of the whole process. My prior experience with other platforms help a lot and they guided me through the rest. In terms of porting Wii U was very straight forward, not any harder than other platforms. 3DS too a bit more work because of the specs, so had to optimize the game, but I was prepared that I would have to.

Biggest challenge in porting

Maybe coming up with ideas that could use the platforms specific features but that could make sense with the game. 3DS like I mentioned above took a bit more work to get it running on 3DS, so technically that was the most difficult one, I didn't want to cut any content or reduce quality, so I optimised until I had the game with same things as previous version, then added the extra features (touch inventory, dual screen, streetpass, etc)

Getting approved for Wii U/3DS release

Without breaking any NDA, it's very similar to others. you get accepted as a developer, you submit your game, once you have a go, you develop the game. Once you finish there's a certification process that is called lotcheck for each region (US, EU, JP, etc) where tests are made, and once it passes you can release it. I would say the final step may be the most complicated one for someone releasing the first time, like I just did, it's a learning process, but once you know it, you can avoid caveats better.

Time spent developing

While I still had the day job it was a bit crazy. 8h of day job then 3-4h during night and almost the entire weekend (usually I kept Sunday afternoon free). Now I have a more balanced one, but depends on the stage I'm at, for the most part for the Nintendo platforms it was a 8-10h. During the final stages it was again around 8-14h. But take into account that I made both ports at the same time (and wanted simultaneous release). For example for the Xbox port I had a way more relaxed schedule and wasn't working as much each day.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Kickstarter update - user interface, team gameplay

New User Interface

First of all, we are releasing the brand new user interface. We took advantage of your feedbacks to improve every aspect of our UI. The new one is a lot nicer visually but also offers a smoother and more intuitive navigation through menus and options.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Fire Emblem 0 - A look at every card in the 6th series

If you want to get a look at every single card in the 6th series of the Fire Emblem 0 card game, you can do so at the link below. I'm beginning to get really jealous of Japan. Why doesn't the rest of the world get to have a crack at this card game?!

Check out all cards here

Dragon Quest Nanoblock sets on the way

Square-Enix has a collaboration with Nanoblocks to release two toy sets this November. We have no word on stateside release, but we'll be sure to keep tabs on import retailers that offer them up. Check out more pics of the sets here.

EU - SteamWorld Heist hits Wii U this Friday, includes loyalty discount, hitting NA in Oct.

Again, I cannot stress this enough. If you haven't played this game, you absolutely must. If you own a Wii U or 3DS, it needs to be part of your library!