The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess approved for release in China

Remember that rumor about Nintendo and Nvidia teaming up for software releases on Nvidia Shield? Well now there's a bit more fuel for the fire. Twilight Princess has been approved for release in China as well. Now we have this title and New Super Mario Bros.. Let's see if Nintendo shares some details on these approvals at E3 time.

Play Nintendo releases Graduation Day cards

Do you know someone who’s graduating from school? You can show them just how proud you are with these inspirational cards.

Grab yours here

Battle Sports Mekuru - upcoming free content detailed

Seems like there will be even more details coming from an interview to be shared later this week. We'll be sure to get you that info when it comes out.

PAC-MAN becomes art through a special collaboration with renowned sculptor & artist Richard Orlinski

For PAC-MAN 37th anniversary, Neamedia unveils a beautiful series of sculpture designed by Richard Orlinski with support and license from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe. The project can be found here on Kickstarter

When Toru Iwatani, creator of PAC-MAN one day had pizza for lunch. He took one piece from the whole pizza, and there it was. A circle with an open mouth.

The best ideas often come from the simplest life experiences. Mr. Iwatani, today a professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University in Tokyo, Japan didn’t know he would leave such a mark in the video game industry when he was eating his pizza. Yet, 37 years later, PAC-MAN is still one of the most archetypal characters in gaming. As well as changing the face of arcade games back in 1980, Namco also managed to create an icon in popular culture.

The collection will be available in 3 versions. A yellow 25cm / 10-inch version, a golden chromed version of the same size and an exclusive 1 meter / 40-inch version limited to 37 units. Added to that, different stretch goals will unlock special rewards such as a PAC-MAN metal figure, artwork of the original PAC-MAN sketches and a limited-edition art book.

Mr. Orlinski brought his contemporary approach to create an awe-inspiring collector edition series of sculptures.

Richard Orlinski, sculptor & artist says: “When I was contacted about the Pac-Man project, I found the idea absolutely amazing. It completely fits in my universe, because I try to develop Pop-Art, which speaks to the largest number of people.” “It was challenging to keep Pac-Man’s identity while bringing something new and modern”.

The Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/2pXhbnz) starts today 22nd May, 2017 and runs through to 20th June, 2017. PAC-MAN sculptures will be available for early bird backers for the price of €100 for the 25cm / 10-inch version and €300 for the deluxe version, 25cm / 10-inch Gold Chromed version. The anniversary edition will be limited to 37 pieces worldwide. Backers will receive their first sculptures by the end of 2017

Stunning Pokémon Prints Come to the Pokémon Center

Two new amazing art pieces have arrived in the Pokémon Center for serious Pokémon fans and collectors. The beautiful woodblock prints take historical works of art and update them with modern depictions of Pokémon and people in a visually striking way.

The Vermilion City print presents a variety of Kanto Pokémon, including Slowpoke, Charizard, and Gyarados, as well as scenes of normal life in the port city. More than two dozen Pokémon appear in the print.

The Silence Bridge print portrays the start of an exciting battle, setting the duo of Pokémon Trainer Red and his partner Pikachu against a Snorlax just awakened by a Poké Flute. The art is an homage to a famous battle between two samurai from the 12th century.

Woodblock printing, or ukiyo-e, is a traditional art style in Japan that is known for its painstaking attention to detail. First, an artist draws an image, and then a sculptor carves the image into wooden boards, one for each color. A painter uses the boards to create a layered print matching the original art. The result is a richly colored woodblock print. These new Pokémon prints use the same hand-crafted technique, requiring multiple people and an enormous amount of time to produce these limited copies.

The woodblock prints are just the latest example of the special and exclusive items coming to the Pokémon Center. Get a closer look at the two breathtaking woodblock prints in the Pokémon Center today.

Nintendo UK - Ready for action? Here's when you can play the ARMS Global Testpunch!

Ahead of the launch of ARMS on June 16th, only on Nintendo Switch, you can warm up and get an early taste of the action with the ARMS Global Testpunch early access demo! You'll be able to face off online* over two weekends: round one is on Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th, and one week later fists will fly again in round two, held on Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th.

You can get ready right now, so you can get scrapping straight away when the time comes. All you need to be able to take part is a Nintendo Switch, an internet connection, a Nintendo Account and the free** ARMS Global Testpunch software from Nintendo eShop. Need to create a Nintendo Account? We’ve got you covered. Simply head on over to the Create a Nintendo Account page and follow the instructions. Once you have that you can download the software from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch or via the ARMS gamepage***.

Sunday June 4th

01:00 – 01:59 BST

13:00 – 13:59 BST

19:00 – 19:59 BST

See you there, fighting fans! Check out the ARMS website for more info about the game, and keep an eye on our Nintendo Switch Facebook page and Twitter account for further updates.

Nintendo Badge Arcade - content update for May 22nd, 2017

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- 1 FREE play being given away
- 3 returning sets of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Vertex Pop discusses why they thought Graceful Explosion Machine was perfect for Switch

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Mobeen Fikree at Vertex Pop...

"When [Switch] was originally announced, we thought GEM was perfect for it. The way we've always thought about GEM is that it works equally well as a handheld game as it does a console game. It has a pick-up-and-play mentality that comes from arcade games. You can play it for a couple minutes and it feels pretty satisfying, but at the same time if you want to strap yourself in, get high scores and really drill down on perfecting each level, that's something you can do on a console at home."