smileBASIC returning to 3DS eShop

smileBASIC was recently removed from the 3DS eShop. The game was being used to run an exploit, which would in turn give access to running unsigned code on the platform. It seems this issue has now been fixed, as the title is heading back to the eShop on July 27th.

Famitsu most wanted - July 7th to 13th, 2016

01. Dragon Quest XI (569)
02. Pokémon Sun Moon (447)
03. Etrian Odyssey V (352)
04. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (316)
05. Monster Hunter Stories (242)
06. Puzzle & Dragons X (124)
07. Dragon Ball Fusions (122)
08. Snack World (*)

Warner Bros. seems open to the idea of Disney properties in LEGO Dimensions

Disney Infinity is dead, but LEGO Dimensions is rolling on with a bunch of new content. Now that Disney brands aren't popping up in Infinity anymore, could we see some of that head to LEGO Dimensions? Warner Bros. talks about the idea below.

Coming from a Polygon interview with Doug Heder, producer at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment...

"We are excited about the opportunity. Their leaving the toys-to-life space seems like a good thing in terms of creating more space for us. We are partners with Disney through our many stand-alone games, like Lego Marvel. With any opportunity for Lego Dimensions, the first and foremost thing we explore is, can the brand play and mash up with all of these other brands?

What we hang our hat on, the pillar that still stands out as unique within this category, is that we have a very story-rich game. We don't just pay homage to these brands; we tell new stories and old stories. The original [Lego Dimensions] campaign was a really big chunk of content that in and of itself mashed up all of its brands together. It's more than putting an item on the pad and having it come to life in game, and then having it around physically. You take apart, rebuild, upgrade our toys, and that changes the experience."

Pokemon GO - Minor details on the McDonald's Japan collaboration

Pokemon GO is finally available in Japan, and with it comes a special collaboration with McDonald's locations. We heard this rumor before the game hit Japan, but now it's official. Turns out that 400 McDonald's locations in Japan will be gyms while 2,500 are going to be PokéStops. As for when all of this content goes live, that we don't know.

The Sinnoh Classic Online Competition Has Begun

Registration has closed for the Sinnoh Classic Online Competition, and the competition is under way. Remember that competitors are limited in the number of battles they can compete in per day. Consult the tournament regulations for details. The competition ends on Sunday, July 24, 2016, at 23:59 UTC. Look forward to the results being posted shortly after the competition has completed.

Check out the Sinnoh Classic Online Competition regulations page for complete details on this fun event. If you missed the opportunity to play in the Sinnoh Classic, check back at Pokemon.com and the Pokémon Global Link for future competitions.

Good luck, Trainers!