The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Monster Hunter X - more info on hunting styles, monsters

Hunting styles:

- Guild Style: a rather basic but well-balance Hunting Style, similar to the previous Monster Hunter games;
- Striker Style: a more flashy Style, focused on Attack and slightly less technical, allows you to use more Hunting Arts
- Aerial Style: a style specialized in mid-air actions, which allows you to jump on monsters for special attacks;
- Bushido Style: a style specialized in turning critical situations into opportunities, evading monsters attacks gives you the chance to perform powerful counter-attacks

New main monsters

- Gamut: herbivore, Fanged Beast that is pretty aggressive, uses its massive fangs and body in order to attack, uses its trunk to suck you in, uses breath attacks, throws rocks
- Hororo-Hururu: a Bird-Wyvern which prefers to stay in the dark, sharp claws, attacks its prey and enemies from above, wing feathers contain special scales that will make you lose consciousness if you happen to inhale them, deadly laser-like sound wave attacks that put you in the “Pinch” status

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 - a few more details

- could release sometime during Winter this year in Japan
- all monsters will be rideable

NIS America bringing The Legend of Legacy to EU in Winter 2016


In The Legend of Legacy, seven adventurers — Liber, Meurs, Owen, Bianca, Garnet, Eloise, and Filmia — arrive on the mysterious island of Avalon to pursue their own agenda as explorers. They team up with two of the other adventurers to achieve their objectives — be it exploring the island for treasure, looking for the “god” on the island, or recovering lost memories. But things change when they discover a singing stone that causes the party to see phantasms of Avalon’s forgotten history.

In addition to exploring the island of Avalon, Combat will offer plenty of challenges in The Legend of Legacy. Combat is turn-based, but players will have the option to create their own formations tailored to their party of three, meaning each party member can be put into a different combat role (defending, attacking, supporting, etc.) at any given time. Formations can be saved and changed between turns as well, giving players plenty of options to maximize their strategies.

Key Features

Seven Unique Perspectives – Each character in The Legend of Legacy has their own motivation for exploring Avalon, and their individual conclusion at the story’s resolution. Play through as each character to see them all! Combats Gets Classless – Managing formations to instruct specific combat roles instead of fixed classes adds a different level of challenge for battle enthusiasts.
Legendary Development – Illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa series), renowned composer Masashi Hamauzu (SaGa, Final Fantasy XIII), writer Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger), game designer Kyoji Koizumi (SaGa series), and Masataka Matsuura (999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) all come together to create this brand new experience.
Balance for the West – Based on user feedback following the Japanese release, several gameplay adjustments were made to enhance the gameplay. More details to come later!