The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Paradise Lost: First Contact Kickstarter - Color enhancement, particles and shaky cams

Level color grading

Since the beginning we wanted to design the different elements that shape the game (scenarios, objects, lighting effects, characters) without color restrictions, avoiding the 8/16-bit retro palettes characteristic of the pixel-art aesthetic.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

River City Ransom SP - info on event characters, police and mystery beings

- event characters are special characters with a ! above their head
- talking to them will trigger events (including battles)
- sometimes they will give you important information
- if you beat up innocent people, the police will be called on you
- you can escape by moving to a different area
- the police are quite strong and should easily be able to take you out
- encounter some mysterious beings (such as a pink bunny or a penguin)
- try to defeat them for mystery items, but they're much faster than a normal human

Kirby: Planet Robobot - more copy ability info, including amiibo abilities

Some amiibo-Abilities in Kirby: Planet Robobot

Mirror: you can reflect enemy attacks right back at ya them;
Jet: you can use the Jet Cracker technique, which allows Kirby to shoot a powerful blast of energy;
Crash: you can burn all enemies nearby with the Crash Fireball;
Super Smash Bros.: you can use various moves from the Kirby series;
UFO: you can use a catcher beam to catch enemies.

Kirby: Smash Bros.
King Dedede: colourful Hammer
Meta Knight: colourful Sword
Mario, Luigi, Charizard: Fire
Yoshi, Zero Suit Samus: Whip
Dr. Mario, Wii Fit Trainer: Doctor
Wario, Captain Falcon: Wheel
Rosalina and Luma: Ice
Pikachu, Chibi-Robo: Spark
Jigglypuff: Mike
Mewtwo, Ness, Lucas, Shulk: ESP
Marth, Roy, Lucina: Sword
Little Mac: Fighter
Duck Hunt Duo: Archer
Palutena: Mirror
Animal Crossing amiibo: Leaf
R.O.B.: Beam
Toon Link: Cutter
Inkling amiibo: Poison
Mega Man, Sonic, Pac-Man, Ryu: random ability

Amazon - Corpse Party: Back to School Edition preorders open, Aug. 30th release listed

'Back to School' edition includes game, two 2.5" tall figurines, and soundtrack CD; figurines have interchangeable arms and faces, and are considered choking hazards - NOT meant for small children

Retro-Style Graphics Enhance Atmosphere - 16-bit-style 2D visuals create an intentional disconnect, leading players to envision far worse things than the most powerful next-gen system can display

Adventure-Style Gameplay Where Your Decisions Make the Difference - players have the freedom to explore Heavenly Host Elementary School, altering the course of the story and its final conclusion

Chapter-Based Storytelling - Four new Extra Chapters, providing insight into previously unexplained plot elements and characters who've never gotten their fair share of screen time

Exclusive Bonus Content Mixed with Fan-Favorite Features - Exclusive to this version are 3D art stills, arranged music tracks, redrawn high-resolution character sprites, and much more

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Nintendo UK - Your Yo-Kai Watch questions answered

Coming to Nintendo 3DS on April 29th 2016, YO-KAI WATCH® is a brand new videogame series full of many exciting things to discover. As such, we’re sure there are a lot of questions about what the game is and what there is to do. With that in mind, we invited members of Nintendo UK’s social media community to ask their burning questions about YO-KAI WATCH. We received some great queries and even some funny ones, so please read on to find our answers and discover more about the mysterious Yo-kai that hide all around you…

Just a quick one from a Mario veteran and a noob everywhere else, what is YO-KAI WATCH? – Theodore Murton, Instagram

What a great place to start! YO-KAI WATCH is a brand new game for Nintendo 3DS, by Level-5, the same company that created the Professor Layton series, Inazuma Eleven and Little Battlers eXperience, and developed Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS! As you might expect from Level-5, YO-KAI WATCH is an RPG! In it you search the town of Springdale to find the mysterious Yo-kai that are hidden all around you. Once befriended, they’ll join you on your adventures and help you out in battle against other Yo-kai. The game was first released in Japan in 2013 and has been a smash hit, spawning several sequels and spin-offs, so we hope that you love it too!

Full feature here

Yo-Kai Watch 3 getting Final Fantasy XIV characters

Yo-Kai Watch 3

Square-Enix and Level-5 are teaming up for a bit of cross-promotion. The part we're interested in sees Final Fantasy XIV characters coming over to the world of Yo-Kai Watch 3. You'll be able to get your hands on both a Chocobo and Moogle companion during your adventure.

Japan - 3DS theme charts for April 18th to 24th, 2016

01. Splatoon Squid Sisters theme
02. Splatoon theme
03. Osomatsu’s All Set
04. Star Fox Zero theme
05. Assassination Classroom: New Theme of Time ③
06. Kurousa-P feat. Hatsune Miku ‘Senbonzakura’
07. Soraru × Mafumafu ‘Sekai-sick ni Shounen Shoujo’
08. Monster Hunter X theme
09. Assassination Classroom: New Theme of Time
10. Pokémon: Mega Mewtwo & BREAK Evolution
11. Dragon Ball Super: Goku and Vegeta
12. Osomatsu’s Name Scene Collection
13. The Little Mermaid theme
14. Mickey & Friends theme
15. Pokémon: Mega Charizard Y
16. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD theme
17. Frozen theme
18. Mikito-P feat. GUMI & Kagamine Rin ‘Ii Aru Fanclub’
19. Assassination Classroom: Theme of Time 4
20. Petit Rabbit’s ‘No Poi!’
21. Osamatsu’s Six Children
22. Assassination Classroom: New Theme of Time
23. Stitch theme
24. Assassination Classroom: New Theme of Time ②
25. Legend of Dark Witch Ep2 Theme Set B

Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection—Darkrai Detailed

Launch: May 01, 2016

The Mythical Pokémon Darkrai is here to give your next opponent nightmares with the Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection—Darkrai! Inside each collection, you'll find not only a Darkrai collector's pin and full-art foil card, but also two booster packs from the special Pokémon TCG: Generations expansion! Step forward into a new level of play with the Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection—Darkrai!

The Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection—Darkrai includes:

A never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Darkrai

A Darkrai collector's pin

2 special Pokémon TCG: Generations booster packs to expand your collection!

A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online