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YouTube's content claims causing trouble for some Super Mario Maker playthroughs

The gang over at Playboy has been hard at work creating user-created levels in Super Mario Maker, as well as playing the creations of others. They put out the video you see above, which they claimed as their own. That's all well and good, but YouTube's copyright claim process is causing all sorts of trouble.

The video above features footage from the user-created level, “Don’t touch that controller!”. Playboy claimed the video as their own, which is perfectly fine. The problem came up when Kotaku also uploaded a video of themselves playing the same level. “Don’t touch that controller!” is a level that plays itself, so everyone's playthrough is going to look pretty much the same. YouTube's automatic processes picked up on the similar footage and sent Kotaku a claim from Playboy.

Looks like we might have some trouble with auto-play levels via YouTube. Let's see who starts claiming content and where this mess ends up!

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash - amiibo functionality footage

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Shin'en welcomes FAST Racing Neo's F-Zero comparisons, but says their game stands on its own

Coming from an Engadget interview with Shin'en Art Director Martin Sauter...

"We really tried to make it like a Hollywood movie -- really exciting. ...The Wii U has some power. ... But you can't just plug in Unity [a cross-platform game engine] and have everything run great. "We have our own engine and we've been developing it for 20 years. ...We don't mind people seeing F-Zero, [but] we want it to stand on its own feet."

Dragon Quest VIII - PS2 Vs. 3DS loading time comparison

3DS footage can be seen on the left, while PS2 footage is running on the right.