IGN Snapchat story says Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer coming tomorrow

I don't know what this trailer is going to be. It could be something we've already seen from Japan. It could also be something new. It would seem silly for IGN to tease a trailer that is already released, but that's just my own speculation.

Aksys teasing Zero Escape news this October

I don't know what this tease is about, but I guess we'll all find out together come October. Let's hope it means something good for Nintendo fans!

3DS - firmware update 11.2.0-35U available

Update released:October 24th, 2016

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Thanks to SteelDiver for the heads up!

Pokemon Generations episodes popping up as YouTube ads

Usually we can't wait to skip ads when watching a YouTube video, but this might be a little different! As you can see, episodes of Pokemon Generations are now popping up as ads in the beginning of YouTube videos. This is pretty interesting, considering how Pokemon Generations isn't really selling anything. This is obviously being used to hype up Pokemon merch in general, including the upcoming Sun and Moon. Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

ShopTo opens up Switch preorders

A lot of retail outlines and online shops have set up options to notify you when the Switch becomes available for preorder. ShopTo is going one step further and letting you preorder right now. ShopTo wants you to know that "a placeholder of £9,999.00 will show in your pre orders section. You willl be notified when the price is confirmed and will not be charged anything until dispatch."

Preorder here

Analyst on how much Nvidia stands to make from Switch, expects 5-8 million shipped year one

Coming from Jefferies & Co.’s Mark Lipacis...

“We estimate this to be a $200-$320m annual opportunity for NVDA near term. While the incremental dollars would likely be margin dilutive, we view upside potential to our sales and EPS estimates of $0.11-0.16 in 2017.

While Nintendo has been largely uncompetitive against the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, we think the Switch has the potential to see more shipments. There are very few details on the price point, but we think the Wii and Wii U case studies are instructive. In the first 12 months of launch, Wii shipped 13m units and the Wii U shipped 4m units. Assuming 5-8 million units at a $40 ASP for Tegra translates to $200-320m in revenues and $0.11-0.16 in EPS."

Sonic X - Season 3 DVD due out this December

Sonic X Season 3 contains all 26 episodes of the second series.

Six months after returning from the parallel world, Sonic faces off against a mysterious metal warrior, eager to steal the Chaos Emeralds from him. Even in his golden Super form, Sonic proves no match, and has to use Chaos Control to send the Chaos Emeralds away. And that's only the start of his troubles!

More machines show up, making off with the "planet egg" from Sonic's world, the source of all its life energies. Without the planet egg, Sonic's home will perish, and there's no way he'll let that happen! Taking to space aboard Tails' newest invention, the gang heads out to fight this steely foe. But their new friend from another world, Cosmo, is worried. Even if Sonic is the last hope to defeat the Metarex, can he really do it?

Preorder here (Thanks Lars!)