Japan - Nintendo Direct incoming this Sunday, focuses on summer Wii U/Nintendo 3DS titles

The presentation will be held at 19:00 JST, which 6AM ET for America and 12:00 CEST for Europe.

Splatoon - confirmation of the upcoming weapons, stages (UPDATE - more pics)

This comes from my very good friend Martin, who found this page in the Prima guide for Splatoon. As you can see, it is the same page seen in the rumor earlier!

Europe - Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary website live

Cube Life: Island Survival coming to NA Wii U eShop next week

Cypronia has announced that their Minecraft-like game, named Cube Life: Island Survival, will be releasing on June 4. The game will set players back $6.99.

Nintendo restocking more amiibo next week in Japan