Petite Games working on new Midnight title for 3DS

These are all the details available at the moment. We'll keep tabs on Petite Games and see what other details they share on the new project.

Yoku's Island Express - Snowy location shown

This is such a quirky idea for a game. I'm pretty excited to check it out. I always love a bit of pinball action, especially when it has some unique twists!

Minecraft maintenance taking place at 6:50 PM PT tonight

We talked about the planned update earlier today, and now we know exactly when services are going offline for updating. Hopefully the process goes smoothly and we can all check out the new content later tonight!

Shakedown Hawaii - Twitter content update for June 27th, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for June 27th, 2017

[Quests] The second set of weekly Special Quests for the Arena is now live (available until July 4th)
[Event] The 4th Voting Gauntlet, “War of the Clerics”, is now live. (available until July 3rd)
[Log-in Bonus] Through the duration of the latest Voting Gauntlet, all players get 5 Battle Flags each day as Special Log-in Bonus (available until July 3rd)
[Quests] A new set of Special Quests is now available: Voting Gauntlet. It allows you to get Battle Flags, to use during the “War of the Clerics” Voting Gauntlet (available until June 29th)

Pokemon face masks hit Japan

I'm not sure if these are face masks in the sense of beauty regiments, or face masks that simply protect your nose/mouth from toxins in the air. I think they're the beauty type, though. I mean, who wouldn't look beautiful wearing one of these?!

Chicken Wiggle resubmitted to Nintendo for approval

Sounds like the game should get through lotcheck without issue this time. Let's hope that's the case, and then we can get to release date news!

Super Mario Odyssey - Twitter content update for June 27th, 2017

The tweet says that these guys only come out at night and pose a real threat, so make sure to take them seriously!

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom dev blog - Welcome to the new Monster World Village

Will you take the time to stroll through the whole village when you visit it the first time? Please do so and enjoy every inch of the artwork we make for you, dearest friends! Please stay tuned for more news in the future

Full update here


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