We're recording episode 615 of the GoNintendo Podcast today at 6 PM, instead of our usual Saturday at 3:15 PM show. Hope you can join us live!

Kickstarter - Unformed devs considering 3DS, Switch ports

Unformed is scheduled to be released on PC mid 2018, with console versions (PS4 / Xbox One) coming as soon as possible. We’re very much interested to release Unformed for portable devices (PSVita / 3DS) and Nintendo Switch eventually after the game is out for main platforms, but this is not set in stone.

Kickstarter here

Heart Forth, Alicia Kickstarter update - Game Improvements, Updates and More

We’ve continued sculpting our main game content with a fine chisel, including building new rooms, spriting and assembling background art and massive assets for special locations, creating new enemies, implementing a lot of fun puzzles and hiding secrets throughout the game world.

At the same time, we've also been pouring our efforts into making sure already existing content is engaging and well balanced. Thanks to our new analytics system, and also to several waves of internal testing and feedback, it became clear we had to slightly modernize a few of the game's existing mechanics to make the playing experience more enjoyable and appealing.

Full update here

Work on Nefarious for Wii U continues, but a lot left to be done, Nefarious comic Kickstarter launched

A portion of a 4cr interview with Nefarious creator, Josh Hano...

4cr: What’s the status of the Nefarious game for the Nintendo Wii U?

JH: We haven’t stopped working on it! We are experiencing some technical hurdles, but we did manage to get it playing on a basic level. We still have a lot of things we need to do to make it work, but our initial once-over was very promising.

There's also a brand-new Kickstarter for a Nefarious comic adaptation. You can support that Kickstarter right here.

NCSX import - Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventure Model Kit

I think the Twinbee series is fun, but I'm not a huge fan. That said, this is a pretty damn nice model kit! Grab yours here.

Nintendo games to see release in Brazil once again

Did you know that Nintendo's games have been without an official Brazilian distributor since 2015? Thankfully that's changing, as NC Games has confirmed titles are on the way. Here are the games with ratings so far.

- 1-2 Switch (Switch)
- Mario Party Star Rush (3DS)
- Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS)
- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
- Mario & Luigi Paper Jam (3DS)
- Fire Emblem Fates Birthright (3DS)
- Kirby: Planet Robot (3DS)

The Alliance Alive official soundtrack - samples trailer, preorder bonus

Looks like there's a pretty good preorder bonus going on for The Alliance Alive in Japan. While you can grab the soundtrack separately, if you do decide to preorder the game, you'll get a digital copy of the soundtrack, as well as the 5 3DS themes you see above!

Ultra Street Fighter II dev dresses up as Chun-Li for Japanese launch event

That beautiful Chun-Li right there is Tomoaki Ayano, one of the devs on Ultra Street Fighter II. He put on the get-up for a special launch event for the game in Japan. Check out more pics here!

Seiken Densetsu Collection - tons of screens

Check out the gallery here

Still no word on localization for this collection. Let's hope Square-Enix decides to surprise us at E3 2017, even if it's an eShop only release.


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