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The Swindle dev says Curve didn't request a single change to the game

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Dan Marshall...

"Curve haven't insisted on a single change to The Swindle. There's no, 'You can't do that, you can't do that, you need to change this thing.' The Swindle is exactly 100 percent my game, and they've been amazingly supportive throughout the entire process. To me, that takes away a lot of the negative side of stuff that publishers always had. A lot of them are doing quite a good job in straddling the line between being the heroic force for good that some indie developers need and staying away from that old, publisher stereotype image of being problematic for the industry."

Full interview here

More Nintendo patents - in-game chat, low-power modes, sound sampling & more

In-game chat

- makes use of an external device
- includes off-screen chat interface

An exemplary game system includes a monitor for displaying a game image or a television program, and a terminal device having a camera, a microphone, and a loudspeaker. When a user is playing a game or viewing a television program by using the monitor, another user can have chat by using the terminal device.

Hardware system with multiple operating modes

- depends on the amount of power the user wants to consume
- includes a full-power mode, an eco-friendly mode, and a very low-power mode that disables all network features

An information processing system is capable of communicating with an external apparatus via a network. The information processing system is capable of operating in at least three operation modes including: a first mode; a second mode, which consumes less power than the first mode; and a third mode, which consumes less power than the second mode and where the communication via the network is not performed.

Real-time changes to the environment

- based on players' interactions with in-game hindrances
- shared over a network
- could involve scaling the difficulty of certain segments of a game based on how well/poorly the general playerbase is doing

Using sound as a sampling mechanism for reading compressed data

- particular data sequence could correspond to a particular audio signal
- small sampling of that audio signal would be enough to identify the data

Pokken Tournament arcade machine may not come stateside

A portion of a NWR interview with Pokémon Company International’s Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith...

Nintendo World Report (NWR): So the whole Dave & Buster's thing…

J.C. Smith (JS): Mhm.

NWR: How that’s moving towards arcades presumably next year. We’ll see how that goes. Was that organized by The Pokémon Company International also?

JS: It was not actually. In fact, I haven’t been involved in that, but I’ve been told that the arcade machine is not coming to the U.S., so I don’t know exactly what the plan is. But that was a long while ago, so who knows what may have changed. You know, you can’t stop someone from buying an arcade system so who knows what’s down the road.

NWR: So last you heard, there were no plans.

JS: Yeah, I haven’t been working closely on the arcade side at all because, really, I never worked on the arcade side but we’ll see. I think that will be handled by Bandai Namco. But I’d have to follow-up with you on that.

Next issue of EDGE to include new Yooka-Laylee artwork

Renegade Kid gives status update on multiple projects

Disney Infinity 3.0 dev explains the process of choosing characters to include

Coming from a Kotaku interview with Jeff Bunker, VP of art direction for Avalanche Studios...

“You know that really comes from our community. We really try to pay attention to what they’re telling us. We watch the forums and we have the community leaders that we’ve hired internally that listen to the fans. We just try to draw as much of our selection from our fans. That’s the number one places that we try to get our information.”

Full interview here

RUMOR - Modern 8-bit Mario amiibo may not be bundle exclusive

A Canadian Walmart employee has shared a supposed document from the retailer that shows a listing for the Modern 8-Bit Mario amiibo that would exist outside of the Super Mario Maker bundle. This would mean that you wouldn't need the bundle to get that specific amiibo. With that said, it seems like if this is the case, the modern 8-bit Mario amiibo would be Walmart exclusive.