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Man goes on a 24-hour mission to buy every amiibo via retail in Australia

amiibo can be pretty tough to come by, especially if you live in the states. Is it this hard to buy amiibo in other parts of hte world? It seems that Australia might have it easier than anyone else! Stock is plentiful at multiple retailers, which gave one man an idea. Would it be possible to buy every single amiibo at brick-and-mortar stores within 24 hours? Check out his adventure below! gets new Slowpoke merchandise

Modern 8-Bit Mario amiibo exclusive to Super Mario Maker deluxe set at launch

Talk about a tough amiibo to get your hands on. I imagine we're going to see a lot of these on eBay for quite a pretty penny.

Bowser Jr. amiibo a Toys R' Us exclusive in U.S. as well

Target holding various Nintendo deals next week