Sumo Digital working on Snake Pass patch to fix loud rumble in handheld mode

I haven't played in handheld mode, so I didn't even know this was an issue. Sumo Digital is aware of the issue and has already fixed it, and will be submitting a patch soon.

Amazon says more NES Classic Edition stock coming April 3rd, sold by "WorldWide Distributors"

Still looking for an NES Classic Edition? Amazon is expecting to get stock on April 3rd, 2017. While the units are fulfilled by Amazon, they're actually sold by Worldwide Distributors. Check out the listing here.

Has-Been Heroes - Day 1 patch available now, detailed

We've released a Day 1 patch already live at the time the game went live, version is still 1.0.0.

We plan to release another update very soon, possibly even during this week Wednesday/Thursday (March 29th/30th). Here's our preliminary change log:

* Gameplay: Hitting over enemy Stamina now has a damage penalty of -10% instead of -25%
* Gameplay: Skeleton Leader, who speeds up nearby enemies, now always walks into the battle, never spawns in the middle
* Gameplay: Red-bandana "Boxer" Skeleton Boss health now 1450 (was 1825)
* Gameplay: Heroes' lane backstab damage increase
* Gameplay: Changes and fixes to Summon Boar spell
* User interface: Helpful popup screen at the start of the game to explain Stamina

Graceful Explosion Machine hitting Switch on April 6th in North America as well

We had the EU date earlier today, and now we an see that the stateside release date matches up. Can't wait to check this one out!

Battle Princess Madelyn Kickstarter update - Behind the Scenes

On the technical side, the team has been experimenting with how Unity handles things both in code and scene design, and it’s this work that you can see in our Pre-Alpha build. The biggest advantage ,to the engine change, was moving from a 2D-specific engine to one that was much more open in purpose. Figuring out the secrets to the Unity Animator and state diagrams, along with some helper scripts Daven wrote to mimic the frame-specific animation controls that were available in the last engine. The team then was ready to press on at the same fast pace that they were used to!

Full update here

Splatoon 2 global testfire "tick rate" clocked in at 12.5hz

Today I learned what "tick rate" was. If you don't know, let me fill you in!

The tick rate is how often per second the server sends updated data to the game client. The higher the tick rate the more accurate the action occurring on screen is.

Now that you know that info, we can share that the Splatoon 2 global testfire had a tick rate of 12.5hz. Obviously not what hardcore competitive fans are looking for. This could change in the final version of the game, of course. Here's some other tick rates for comparison.

Splatoon 1: 25Hz
Overwatch: 63Hz
CSGO: 64 Hz
Team Fortress 2: 66 Hz
Battlefield One: 45 Hz
Rainbow Six Seige: 60 Hz

Snake Pass should be available to download at 7 PM ET today

Now you don't have to sit and furiously refresh the eShop. Come back around 7 PM and grab the game!