Japan - This week's 3DS themes (July 7th, 2015)

BoxBoy! – 200 yen
BlazBlue (x2) – 100 yen each
Battle Cats – 100 yen
Puchikon No. 3 Mr. Syntax – 200 yen
Hoppe-chan – 200 yen
Suzumu (x2) – 200 yen each
Sumikko Gurashi – 200 yen
Kumamushi – 200 yen

Japan - Next week's Wii U/3DS eShop releases

Dex Kickstarter update - soundtrack details

The orchestral soundtrack for Dex, composed by Karel Antonín. This soundtrack DLC contains both FLAC and MP3 formats converted from the original production .wav files.

Track List

1 - Rise of Avatar (2:47)
2 - Touch of Kether (1:00)
3 - Harvest (0:55)
4 - Underneath (2:39)
5 - Fixers' Hope (1:51)
6 - Sewers (1:03)
7 - Safehouse (0:51)
8 - Smugglers (1:11)
9 - Industrial Sanctuary (1:27)
10 - Nightingale (0:56)
11 - Frying Number Two (1:11)
12 - Redwood-Watts (0:59)
13 - The Experiments (1:13)
14 - Archimedean Dynasty (0:21)
15 - That's NOT Raycast! (0:46)
16 - Death and Treachery (0:27)
17 - Last Choice (3:19)
18 - Illusions Within (4:39)
19 - Slums (2:39)
20 - The Sovereign (0:43)
21 - Starry Sky (0:22)
22 - Freedom! (1:11)
23 - Singularity (0:18)
24 - Harbor Prime (1:24)
25 - Ascension (2:18)
26 - Dex (1:53)

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Splatoon hackers now manipulating weapon damage/physics, instant ground cover

IGN - Uchikoshi says Zero Escape 3 will answer all questions, thanks fans for making it happen

Coming from an IGN interview with Zero Escape series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi...

"(Moral elements) will be the main theme. Your way of thinking, values, virtues will be intensely [shaken] during this game. This game is even more philosophical than the past volumes. Of course it'll be entertaining too! ...as a story [Zero Escape] will definitely end at Volume 3.

I intend to answer every mystery left during VLR and the mysteries in ZE3 would be solved as well. This game will not end in a cliffhanger. However please take it as one break...if there are still fans requesting, I can not deny that there will not be new incidents arriving either,

I wasn't thinking of doing a continuation during 999. However thanks to fans world wide giving the game a high praise it grew into a series. I am very thankful for this. Especially for Volume 2 and 3, my intentions were them being paired as a set so I really wanted to make Volume 3 happen."

Cryamore Kickstarter update - New Demo, Release Up-Date, Breakdown On Dev Stuff

New Playable Demo Coming Next Month

As stated a few months ago on Update #53, we were working on splitting the game up into a new playable demo to be released this summer. We’re wrapping that up and you’ll be able to play it in August! It will feature 3 gameplay-specific sections, 3 of the 8 weapons to play around with, and much of the content that you will see in it will be brand new. It’s going to be miles ahead of the initial demo we released sometime back. We look forward to everyone checking it out and the pending feedback.

Release and Schedule Update

We’re getting quite a few amount of people asking about the release date, and since that last update speaking on that, the release date estimate hasn’t changed. We’re still gunning for a summer 2016 release! For now, we can only say that the game will be feature complete (beta) by February of 2016, and release will occur sometime in July 2016. Of course, don’t take that too absolute as things are always slightly subject to change, but that is our current resolute release milestone for the rest of Cryamore’s development.

It’s been quite the adventure, and we still have much to do for the remainder of the year on to the next, but we really can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with everyone (and we still have more development info that we’ve been keeping super-secret to be later revealed. Wonder what it could be…?)

Full update here (thanks Matt!)