TV advertising - Top 5 biggest spenders in the game industry for April 15th to May 16th, 2017

- Nintendo came in at #3 overall
- estimated spend of $4.1 million
- this generated 187.6 million TV ad impressions
- 14 ads that aired over 1,100 times
- most-seen commercial was “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Souped-Up” with 103.8 million impressions
- ads were most-seen on networks including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nick
- ads were most viewed most during shows such as Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, and The Amazing World of Gumball

A look at what Eiji Aonuma did before he worked on The Legend of Zelda

If you don't know who Eiji Aonuma is, you probably don't follow Nintendo and you may not be a fan of The Legend of Zelda. For those that do know him, you most likely discovered him because of the Zelda franchise. But not a lot of people know about how he got his start at Nintendo or that he directed his own game before working on Ocarina of Time. So let's take a look back and learn a little bit about Mr. Aonuma.

Thanks to Blibsterz for the heads up!

Swap Fire: Season 2 dev details the design process, need for funding

A portion of a Miketendo interview with dev Jeremy Alessi...

M: The cat’s out of the bag, you’re working on both Swap Fire and Swap Fire: Season 2 at the same time. How are you finding the process, given the reaction Swap Fire 1 had?

Jeremy Alessi: Honestly, at this point we’re looking for a way to get investment to keep working on Swap Fire the series. I’m working odd programming jobs to pay the bills. We have several other ventures at Midnight Status but Swap Fire 1 eradicated any and all safety nets. Financially, it was the biggest mistake of my life as of right now.

We have some changes that have already been made to Season 1 on Wii U and we’ve been listening closely for other small tweaks. For example many people were upset because they thought basic options like look inversion were skipped. Meanwhile, we actually improved on that by assigning the look inversion to the minus button during gameplay. This fits with our “jump in” anytime mentality. That’s why we have the 4-way split screen as the default view with AI that can dynamically “jump in” or a human that can “jump in”. Who wants to quit out to a menu to reconfigure controls? I hate that.

Anyway, long story short, it tells players in 3 places that they can invert controls (tutorial, loading tips, and e-Manual) yet that wasn’t enough so we have to find another place.

It also seems like many people missed our 8 Display Options that can be configured from the Wii U GamePad when the game is paused.

So, there were some small details that hampered the experience. Also, we may do something like swap “Drop ” Zone” and “Capture the Flag” in the play order.

Capture the Flag was designed to be a familiar game type along with “King of the Hill” but as it turns out I think it ended up being a little confusing and that it would be better to get players into “Drop Zone” earlier because it’s more fun and straight forward even though it requires a more refined understanding of the controls. Then once we figure out every little update and release in the US we can finally release in Europe.

Full interview here

Splatoon 2 devs name their favorite games

The following interview snippet comes from the most recent issue of GamesTM magazine...

Director Yusuke Amano’s shortlist consisted of over 30 games with the Nintendo games including ‘Mother’ (“I wrote an essay in high school with the first-generation Mother strategy guide”), ‘Perfect Dark’ (“I played all night in my university days”) and ‘The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening’ (“It’s perfect”).

Producer Hisashi Nogami narrowed it down to just four games with ‘The Legend of Zelda’ (“I cleared about 30 times front to back”), ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, ‘Virtua Fighter 2’ (“I don’t know how many hundreds of hours I spent practicing multiplayer and midair combos”) and ‘Diablo’ (“For about a year and a half, I went into the dungeons once in the morning and twice at night searching for rings and swords”).

Producer Shintaro Sato chose just three games: ‘Lode Runner’ (“I preferred creating weird stages in Edit mode over clearing the provided stages. The stage that I created that I liked most was a stage that had only one enemy robot at the beginning but increased to three robots after collecting all the gold”), ‘After Burner Climax’ (“This game allowed me to stop thinking about everything and feel refreshed”) and ‘The Orange Box: Team Fortress 2’ (“I think this was the trigger for me noticing the appeal of shooter games based around completing an objective”).

Fan-Art: Min Min beanie hat

This Min Min video game hat features a well designed base so your fleece hat will let everyone know who you're dressed as, or who your favorite character is.

Grab yours here (thanks ChosenoneKnuckles!)

Fan-Art: Metroid tributes from artist François Coutu

Absolute gorgeous work from artist François Coutu. He's got a few more Metroid pics you can check out right here.