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My Parents Play - Yoshi's Woolly World

I know that Yoshi's Woolly World is old news for a lot of you. It may not be out stateside yet, but we've had so much coverage from Japan/Europe that it might seem like we've already played it! With that said, the game was BRAND-NEW to my parents, and they were pretty blown away by it. All it takes is some pretty yarn and soothing music to bring them together!

Please have a look at my parents putting on a pretty damn competent job playing Yoshi's Woolly World!

Sonic Boom cartoon gets a second season

Sonic Boom Wii U/3DS may not have been the Sonic game we wanted, but it seems that the cartoon series is holding its own. The first season went well enough to warrant a second outing, which is currently being produced. No specific details on the second season's air date at this time.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch release date should be coming soon

Octodad: Dadliest Catch was supposed to be out on Wii U by now, but the expected release period came and went. Wondering what happened to the release? Developer Young Horses stated that they ran into an unforeseen issue during the certification process, but news on a release date should be coming soon. Hopefully we'll be playing the title very soon!

Are playable Octolings set to invade Splatoon?

We've been seeing hackers play as Octolings in Splatoon for quite some time now, but we've all been wondering if Nintendo was actually going to make this happen. Now we're finally starting to see some hints that this could indeed be part of a future update.

The official Splatoon Twitter account in Japan recently tweeted out mention of the ongoing battle between the squid and octopus factions.

This battle/invasion is also present on the SplatNet website, where players recently started seeing octopus icons floating around in the background. That seems a little too convenient to happen by mistake, especially with Nintendo talking about the fierce battle between the two sides.

These are admittedly small findings for right now, but they do seem to be teases. Do you think we'll be seeing playable Octolings in the near future? Thanks to J22 for the heads up!