Slain! - new art, animation sample

Unity 5 making its way into Wii U dev hands

- beta build based off of Unity 5.0.1 was just recently distributed
- developers who intend on submitting titles before fall are being told to stick with Unity 4.3
- 5.0 is not currently master submittable

It'll be interesting to see how long it'll take before we get released eShop games that are built on Unity 5. At least the first step has been taken, and it came along faster than I thought it would!

Target now says limit 2 per each amiibo purchase

In other words, you can buy tons of amiibo, but only two of each character.

Random Time! - A Refrigerator full of Jurassic Park SNES games pops up on eBay

I don't know why people do the things they do, but I love the strangeness that comes out of it. Case in point, the fridge full of Jurassic Park SNES games above. You can grab this on eBay for just $1,500. Here's a warning, though. You're only getting the games, not the fridge!

Japan - The Great Ace Attorney demo on the way

Coming from the producer on The Great Ace Attorney...

- demo coming to the 3DS eShop
- basically the same one as the one shared at Monster Hunter Festa
- 48.9 MB
- 30 uses

RUMOR - GameStop getting low Wave 4 amiibo shipments, Shulk restock in June, no more customer holds

- amiibo will be first come, first served for in-store stock that wasn't preordered
- amiibo can no longer be held for consumers unless you've actually preordered
- wave 4 amiibo shipments are quite low and there will not be a restock
- Shulk restock is happening between June 2nd-June 9th