GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 606

Just like last week, it seems like it'll be another two-man show. Well, a man and a lady. Seemed to work out well last time!

REPORT - Nintendo aiming for 20 million Switch units shipped in year one

Nintendo estimates shipments of the Switch in its first year at 20 million units, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, adding that they have a conservative estimate of shipping at least 10 million units in the first year.

Nintendo released the Switch in March 2017 and the game console enjoyed over one million units of sales in the first week after the release. Nintendo president Kimishima Tatsumi also recently said that he expects Switch's overall sales to reach 110 million units.

Switch's manufacturing is handled by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) and Japan-based Misumi Electronics and Hosiden with Foxconn supplying over 50% of the volume. Foxconn makes the device at its plants in Shandong, China.

Taiwan-based IT players including Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), Jentech, Delta Electronics, Nanya PCB and Foxlink are component suppliers of the Switch.

Last we heard, Nintendo doubled-up production to 18 million units. This estimate from "supply chain makers" may be a bit off, but when you're talking in terms of million, a 2 million spread isn't too wide a gap.

Random Time! - A look at MarsRobot GO: A Star Wars/Pokemon/Transformers knock-off toy line

When you take 3 hugely successful brands and combine them, you're set for a surefire hit, right?! Well, I think when you see the video above, you might learn why this brand isn't exactly taking off. Thanks to Leaffarisclaus for the heads up!

Happy birthday, Reggie!

Happy birthday, Reggie Fils-Aime. The ass-kicker/name-taker turns 56 today. I'm celebrating by sharing my favorite GIF of him ever. So damn weird...I can't turn away.

RiME makes the cover of EDGE's latest issue

I have to admit, I never thought RiME would make the cover of a big magazine like EDGE. That's not a knock on the game, I just didn't think a smaller title like this would get that much attention. I am very happy it has! I am REALLY pumped for RiME. Hope it turns out as good as I am thinking it will be!

8-4 handling Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia localization

There you have it, straight from the gang at 8-4 themselves. That's a bit of news to make fans of the series very happy!