Pokemon GO played with augmented reality glasses

Instead of staring at a smartphone screen, a San Francisco based AR company has adapted its Augmented Reality glasses, to allow the wearer to see and play Pokemon Go via the headset.

Random Time! - Arby's showing love for Super Mario Maker for 3DS

Arby's is killing it lately with their gaming-related Tweets and Facebook posts. Just a fun way to get their name out there and also show gamers some love. Totally fine by me! Thanks to Babakazam for the heads up!

Fire Emblem 0 Guidebook for Series 7 - cover art

So much great Fire Emblem content in Japan that never comes stateside. After really getting into the series in recent years, it makes me so jealous of Japanese fans!

Europe - Wii U eShop lists Shantae: Half-Genie Hero for Dec. 20th release

We'll see if this ends up being the official release date. That would certainly be a lovely surprise!