Nintendo's Bill Trinen explains the Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC situation

This comes from the latest episode of IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat, transcribed by Nintendo Everything...

“It was tough, because we actually had a lot of debate in terms of do we announce it, how do we announce it. I think one of the things that’s unique about the way Nintendo develops games is when we’re working on a game, and certainly just knowing the history of Nintendo games, you guys know that it’s essentially we use every last minute to make the game as good as we possibly can, and really what that means is that the dev team was working on the main game, finished the main game, and as they’re starting to get to the very end and wrap it up, really they said, ‘You know we’ve made this massive world of Hyrule, we’ve spent a long time building it. It would be a waste to just make one game and have that be it.’ We want people to be able to enjoy exploring this world, and so they started thinking about, ‘Well, if we were going to do DLC, what would we do, how would we do it?’ And you can see that in the fact that it’s not… the DLC is not launching the day after the game or the week after. It’s coming out several months later in the form of the first pack and then several months after that in the form of the second pack. And that’s because the content is in development.

And so I think from my perspective, obviously if we were able to share more details, that would have been easier, but I think if you look to the example of something like a Mario Kart-type of a DLC approach, really what the goal is is let’s give people the option to purchase it when they’re at the store buying the game and give them something to look forward to, and kind of let them know there’s more to come in this world. And if you’re a Zelda fan buying Nintendo Switch at launch and really you’re buying it for Zelda, I mean how happy are you to know that hey, I’m going to be able to play more Zelda in this world again later this year.”
- Bill Trinen, Nintendo of America

Famitsu's Most Wanted - top 30 for February 2-8, 2017

1. [PS4] Dragon Quest XI – 1,320 votes
2. [PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake – 1,084 votes
3. [3DS] Monster Hunter XX – 899 votes
4. [3DS] Dragon Quest XI – 769 votes
5. [PS4] NieR Automata – 681 votes
6. [PS4] Super Robot Wars V – 522 votes
7. [SWI] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 509 votes
8. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 464 votes
9. [PS4] Musou Stars – 390 votes
10. [3DS] The Alliance Alive – 339 votes
11. [WIU] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 320 votes
12. [PS4] Tekken 7 – 305 votes
13. [PS4] Blue Reflection – 276 votes
14. [3DS] The Snack World – 273 votes
15. [PS4] New Hot Shots Golf – 257 votes
16. [PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn – 239 votes
17. [PS4] Gran Turismo Sport – 231 votes
18. [PS4] Ace Combat 7 – 225 votes
19. [SWI] Splatoon 2 – 217 votes
20. [PSV] Super Robot Wars V – 216 votes
21. [3DS] Fire Emblem Echoes – 214 votes
22. [PS4] Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash – 211 votes
23. [3DS] Pikmin – 208 votes
24. [SWI] Super Mario Odyssey – 200 votes
25. [PSV] Dungeon Travelers 2-2 – 197 votes
26. [PS4] Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – 186 votes
27. [PS4] Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – 182 votes
28. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories – 140 votes
29. [PSV] Gun Gun Pixies – 131 votes
30. [3DS] The Great Ace Attorney 2 – 129 votes

Nintendo considered making an older Link for Zelda: Twilight Princess

The following conversation can be found in Zelda: Arts & Artifacts, with includes Nintendo artists Yusuke Nakano and Satoru Takizawa...

AA: So at that point, the story hadn’t been set yet, but you needed to design the face for the new Link. What things did you keep in mind as you worked?

Nakano: For the face, I talked at length with Takizawa-san as I started to sketch. I wanted him to be a little bit older. The Link up till now had been in his teens, but for this one we were talking about making him around twenty-five… maybe even thirty.

Takizawa: Meaning it was an adventure that an adult Link was taking on.

Nakano: He would be well built… A skinny man with a pretty face wouldn’t stand a chance against a large enemy, so we thought about making him quite sturdy. So the first illustrations were, in a way, pretty amazing.

Takizawa: They certainly were. There was even a square-jawed, burly-looking Link too. [laughs]

Nakano: When I showed the sketches to the overseas staff, the response I got back was, “What the fans want is the Link they saw in Ocarina of Time.” So in the end, his face and body type were made similar to that of the adult Link from that game.

AA: One of the most notable aspects of Twilight Princess is that Link can transform into a wolf.

Nakano: Yeah, so I made sure that the look of his eyes matched the eyes of Link as a wolf.

Takizawa: But the detail about him changing into a wolf came after the initial designs. So the sketches of Link later on had him looking much more wolf-like and wilder. At one point, there was talking about giving him a Japanese haircut style called a wolf cut, which would have given him a more wolfish look.

Nakano: I remember that. But the sketches I made for the front, back, and side views didn’t make him look very wild…

Vaccine - another round of footage

This footage comes from the PS4 version, but it should match up just about perfectly with the Wii U version.

Thanks to Barry for the heads up!

Voice of Azura in Fire Emblem talks about the role, her favorite parts of the job

A portion of a ComedyNGaming interview with voice actor, Rena Strober...

CNG: What was it like recording for Fire Emblem Heroes and Republique? Is voice acting for a mobile game any different from lending your talents to a console game or an anime dub?

RS: Every voiceover job is different for me. The roles vary in age, genre and personality. There’s no difference however if I’m recording for a game on a console versus a mobile app. I approach each role with the same amount of enthusiasm and respect. However, doing anime is different because we’re matching the mouth movements from the previously recorded animation. This was really only the case for Sailor Moon when I voiced Esmeraude. Some of the other games have a specific time frame the line needs to be said in, but I’m still able to bring my own voice and creativity to the lines.

CNG: What have been your favorite lines (or songs) to record for Azura in both Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem Heroes. My personal favorite is the up-tempo version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone from the Conquest path. Were there any lines that you found more emotionally demanding?

RS: I LOVE Lost in Thoughts!! It was so much fun to record and explore the various tempos and versions that the game included. Some were soft and slow and others, like the uptempo versions really allowed me to use my full voice.

I also prefer lines where the character shows vulnerability. This is something you can’t fake in a microphone so it’s more challenging but so much more rewarding when you nail it. When Azura is about to be killed she softly says ‘Kill me if you want, but do it as yourself.” I loved working on that line because Azura had to come to terms with the fact that she might be losing her life.

Thanks to LightChao42 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Switch games - digital file size round-up

If you want to know how much space various Switch eShop games take up, we've got a list for you. This information supposedly comes from the various Japanese pages for these games, so there might be a slight difference when it comes to EU/NA file sizes. There are certain titles on the list that have had confirmed file sizes for awhile now, like Zelda: BotW. If these sizes are legit, you should get a good, rough estimate of how much space you'll need if you're going the digital route.

- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 13.4 GB
- Puyo Puyo Tetris 1.09 GB
- I Am Setsuna 1.40 GB
- Nobunaga’s Ambition 5 GB
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 7 GB
- Snipperclips 1.60 GB
- Dragon Quest Heroes I·II 32 GB

Japan - Nintendo to air special Zelda: Breath of the Wild commercial on Feb. 21st

Here's a really cool thing Nintendo is doing to promote Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Japan. The Big N is going to air a special Breath of the Wild commercial on Feb 21st. This will be in honor of the launch date of The Legend of Zelda, which came out 31 years ago. There are all different air times in Japan, but you can bet the commercial will be uploaded online shortly after hitting the airwaves.

Your Nintendo ASMR for the day - The oh-so satisfying 'click' of connecting a Joy-Con to the Switch screen

That one simple noise is never, ever going to get old. Again, one of the big reasons I love Nintendo is due to all the little touches they add into their systems and games. This right here is a perfect example of that.