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Bam. Media blackout on that until you tell us otherwise.

Super Bomberman R - another look at the final boxart

Super Bomberman R is doing pretty damn well for itself over on the Amazon best-sellers chart. I know I'm down to pick up the game. How many of you are going to grab it?

Players in uproar over NieR: Automata item that some believe badmouths the N64

In NieR: Automata, there is an item called the NIN64. The description for the item is as follows:

“Trash that was fished up. Can be exchanged at the shop.”

As you can guess, some people are thinking that the game is calling the Nintendo 64 trash, which has lead to many an angry tweet directed at Square-Enix. Believe it or not, producer Yosuke Saito has commented on the matter and said that they will change the name of an item that has been pointed out. He's obviously referring to the NIN64 item. The thing is, Saito never says whether the item/description was aimed at the Nintendo 64, or was a coincidence.

Best Buy to have Switch stock on launch day for walk-ins, Target to have online/in-store on launch day

Here's another shot at grabbing yourself a Switch if you haven't gotten a preorder. Both Best Buy and Target say they'll have limited quantities of the system on launch day. Target even says they'll have some online. In most instances, you'll have to line up to get one, but at least there's an option to purchase! Good luck to anyone that tries out either of these stores.

Switch truck spotted in Las Vegas

I would imagine this is carrying the items used to create the 'unexpected places' pod that Nintendo set up for John Cena, and will be used in other locations. Pretty unique bit of advertising!

Another confirmation that Nintendo is aware of the Joy-Con disconnection issue

We'll see what Nintendo has to say on this matter in the coming days. I have to point out that once again, I have not experienced this issue even once while playing.