The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam - glitch lets you play as just Paper Mario

Just to be clear, this glitch lets you go as solo Paper Mario when/where you normally aren't allowed to!

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!

Super Robo Mouse - due out April 7th

More details on social reaction to Pokemon Super Bowl ad - 1 in 10 viewers cried

Information comes from the consumer-sentiment analytics firm Canvs...

- 20 million views on YouTub

- 11,461 total tweets when it aired during the Super Bowl

- 36.9 percent (4,230) of the tweets were genuine emotional response

- around two-thirds of the emotional engagements fell into the “love” category

- 1 in 10 of the social responses were from someone claiming they “cried.”

Legend of Zelda randomizer turns the original NES game into a new experience every time

You're looking at footage from The Legend of Zelda Randomizer. It's a computer program that allows you to tweak all kinds of aspects of the game, with the result being a very different and new experience. Here's just some of the things the randomizer can do.

- Move around the contents of caves in the overworld
- dungeons which contain essential items and Triforce pieces can be moved around as well
- game can leave its own cryptic hints as to dungeon locations
- Move the enemies around in the overworld
- Move the rooms around in each dungeon.
- use the game’s Second Quest as a resource to take further dungeon layouts and enemy groups from
- construct challenge games that hide the Wooden Sword somewhere different in the world map