A bit of controversy surrounds Fire Emblem Fates' handling of sexual proclivities

We're going to speak in generic terms on this one, simply because we don't have the full information. There are fan-translations of details going around, but I don't want to comment on the situation without having 100% confirmation on translations.

We've already covered the topic of bisexual characters in Fire Emblem Fates, but it seems there might be some storytelling going on that could be considered demeaning. This content directly relates to the character of Soleil. It's unclear whether Soleil is bisexual or gay, but one particular storyline has Soleil being drugged to alter her perception of the opposite sex. Soleil seems to be more interested in women then men, but some claim there's talk of her being bisexual. Either way, she's given a drug that makes her see men as women, thus allowing her to become attracted to someone that's not actually a woman.

Some people find this offensive...the idea that you can give another person a drug and make them sexually desire a sex that they're not into. It does seem a tad creepy, but again, we need to get official translations to better understand the situation. I'm thinking this content will be heavily altered in the English version of the game, so this entire point may be non-existent in non-Japanese versions.

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Batch of SEGA 3D Classics hit Australia

Our poor Aussie friends have been waiting patiently for multiple SEGA 3D Classics, and it was starting to seem like they would never get them. Then today comes along and BAM!, a batch of games hit the service! Now available are 3D Outrun, 3D Fantasy Zone, 3D Fantasy Zone 2 and 3D Thunder Blade. Let's hope our Aussie friends don't have to wait long to get the next round!

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Hyperkin's Smart Boy project becomes a reality

We all thought Hyperkin's Smart Boy was an April Fool's Day joke, but turns out a completely different joke was on us. The device is actually the real deal and Hyperkin brought a prototype to E3 with them. This sucker lets you plug your actual Game Boy carts into your phone and then play them! Pretty insane stuff, and Hyperkin is pushing this item into full production.