The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Europe - Hello Kitty 3DS themes now available

Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX - interaction details, more screens/art

The following translated details come from Siliconera...

- Courier Felyne is known for his services and liking apples

- the one you want to speak to when sending mail to other people's villages

- you will have a pamphlet with your village information on it

- gets traded with other players

- once they take it via local connectivity, you will get to interact with them through StreetPass

- can then see their names and the number of friends they have

- will also receive the other player's pamphlet

- the pamphlet tells you information on how their village development has been coming along, and their friendship level with Felynes

- Felynes registered through a pamphlet will occasionally come visit the nesting grounds, where you keep baby monsters

- they will also bring along their own monster babies

- can get items by interacting with them

- sometimes receive collaboration costumes from special quests available through downloads

- recent collaborations include Super Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing outfits, V-Jump collaboration based on the Jump comic's pirate logo

More screens and art here!

Splatoon - Art Academy contest is now live

Pokken Tournament - info on Blaziken's availability, screenshots

The following translated details come from Serebii...

- Blaziken will be released in a pre-release period for play testing from August 6th to August 31st 2015

- during this period you will be able to play as this Pokemon

- need to sign up from August 3 to August 29

- after August 31, Blaziken will be unavailable

- main release comes at an undisclosed later date

Gamescom 2016 will take place between August 17 and 21

Gamescom 2015 has not even begun, but next year's edition of the European expo has already been dated. The 2016 version of Gamescom will take place between August 17 and 21!

Curve Digital PR - Hue's the daddy? Curve Digital – that’s who.

Celebrated indie publisher bags PC and console publishing rights to Hue, bringing Fiddlesticks’ stunning puzzle platformer to PC and consoles in Q1 2016.

London, United Kingdom - Friday 31st August

Curve Digital, the world’s leading publisher of indie games, has today announced that it has signed the PC and console publishing rights to Hue, a stark puzzle platformer where the aesthetics and mechanics are intertwined.

Already a huge hit on the indie expo scene – where it has picked up a number of awards from the likes of Game Connection, Develop Conference, Casual Connect and Reboot, among others – Hue is a remarkable game with a unique aesthetic that plays as good as it looks.

When Hue’s mother becomes trapped in the mono world, he gains access to the colour ring – a device which allows him to alter the perception of colour. Embarking on a mission to foil the evil intentions of the despicable Doctor Gray, Hue begins a journey which will not only shape him as person, but alter the world forever.

Key to the game is the ability to shift specific colours, a thrilling game mechanic which offers a host of new puzzle possibilities. Players can manipulate the environment in order to reveal hidden routes, avoid threats, remove hazards, defeat adversaries, create platforms and more…the gameplay possibilities are endless.

Hue has been funded by Kuju Startups,  a video games investment fund who help great indie developers bring their dream ideas to market.

“Hue’s been attracting a huge amount of attention since we started showing it at indie expos, but we’ve been particularly impressed with Curve’s enthusiasm for the game,” says Henry Hoffman, Creative Director, Fiddlesticks. “Partnering with the leading publisher of indie games will enable us to make a real impact at launch and will hopefully ensure that Hue is a worldwide hit when it releases next year.”

“We knew from the moment we laid eyes on it that Hue was a perfect fit for Curve,” adds Jason Perkins, managing director, Curve Digital. “It’s a genuinely innovative game, full of challenging platforming and wonderful puzzles – with real style and charm. This is the first of our 2016 games we’re announcing, and it’s a real statement of intent.”

Hue will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U in Q1 2016.

You can find the Hue press kit here :