Switch advertising shows up during Germany/England Soccer match

Now that is some big-time advertising. I don't think I have to tell you guys that Soccer is huge in Europe. Any advertising during Soccer matches is a big deal! Thanks to Pikamoon for the heads up!

Shin'en says Fast RMX patch should be coming soon

Seems like Shin'en has already submitted the patch to Nintendo and is just waiting for a final date from them. I wouldn't be surprised if it hit tomorrow.

Fan-Art: Joy-Cons get a color makeover, GameCube-style

GameCube Joycon Paintjob

Now that's a fancy looking setup right there. If they actually released a color scheme like this, I'd be all over it.

Custom 3D-printed Switch dock removes any potential for scratching

Want to forgo any possible dock scratching issues on the Switch? You could always 3D print your own solution. The one above contains all the circuitry you have in the regular Switch doc, but it has an open design. Seems a bit precarious to me, but as long as you keep it in a low foot traffic area, you should be okay.