The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

GoNintendo 'EoD' thought - We reveal screens of a Wii U eShop game at 9 AM ET!

Oh my God, guys. It is a very awesome day for GoNintendo today. I am absolutely honored to bring this content to you. I wish I could share it right now, but the powers that be have stated that 9 AM ET is the time to do so. We'll have 4 screens of a Wii U eShop game that I'm hoping you're really excited for! I've been teasing this a bit on Twitter over the last 12 hours, but here's all the details I can give you.

1. It's a game you already know about.
2. It's a game many feel has been cancelled due to it being announced so long ago.
3. It's coming to the Wii U eShop.
4. It's not Minecraft/Mother 3 (lots of people have been guessing these!)
5. It's not first party

All you have to do is come here at 9 AM ET and we'll have the screens for you! Again, so honored to have these to share with you.

More talk of Mighty No. 9 being delayed into 2016

So we have a Mexican retailer emailing customers with word of a delay into 2016, and a German publication that says Deep Silver confirmed to them a Q1 2016 delay. Sure would be nice to have a confirmation on this stuff from Inafune! Thanks to Brian for the heads up.

Splatoon - Version 2.0 friend list music sample

Thanks to Tytygh for the heads up!

Pokemon Rumble World patch now available

- update to Version 1.1
- 846 blocks
- brings a new level called Lucky Balloon which takes you to where uncaught Pokemon are more likely to appear
- need at least Rank 33 to get it
- takes 20 hours to recharge
- special password has been released to receive 100 PokeDiamonds for Japan, 32831175
- PokeDiamond Digger in the town now gives 40 PokéDiamonds a day rather than the 20 previously obtained

Japan - Karaoke Joysound available for 3DS

- download for free
- 376 blocks
- uses the built-in 3DS microphone
- features 100,000 songs
- try for free but after it will cost ¥300 for a 1 day pass, ¥500 for a 7 day pass, ¥1,000 for a 30 day pass and ¥500 for a download pack of five songs

More screens here