Kickstarter - Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death coming to Wii U

Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death is a new retro-style adventure/puzzle platformer for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and now Nintendo Entertainment System. Armed only with his trusty boomerang, Sydney must navigate dark caverns while avoiding bats, ghosts, hot lava and other obstacles. If you can survive all 10 caverns, you will be able to win your freedom.Your support for this Kickstarter campaign will help bring a new game to one of the most beloved systems of all time...the SNES.  You also have an opportunity to receive some cool rewards available exclusively through this Kickstarter campaign.

10 total levels.
Unique soundtrack.
Different region versions available.

Curve Digital happy about Humble sales, Wii U catalogue to be doubled in next 8 months

This comes from Curve Digital's PR Manager Rob Clarke...

''We're pleased with how this bundle is going, and are grateful to both Nintendo and Humble for being invited to be part of it. Our Wii U catalogue is set to double in the next 8 months, so there's still plenty of opportunities for us to be involved in the future!''

Japan - Nintendo Direct incoming this Sunday, focuses on summer Wii U/Nintendo 3DS titles

The presentation will be held at 19:00 JST, which 6AM ET for America and 12:00 CEST for Europe.