Monster Hunter X DLC coming to Monster Hunter Stories tomorrow

Daigo collaboration

- a special outfit for your character
- a special weapon (Great Sword)
- a special tournament

Monster Hunter X / Generations

- a special weapon based on the Glavenus (a Great Sword), unlocked by winning a special tournament;
- a special costume for Nabirou, unlocked by completing a special sub-quest;
- background for your Rider card;
- the Glavenus as an Otomon who can use a power Cross attack
- special icons for the multiplayer chat.

Quiet, Please! getting ported to 3DS

Stardew Valley dev blog - Localization Update

As you may know, I’ve been working with Playism and Chucklefish to create official translations for Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Brazillian Portuguese, Spanish and German (and possibly Thai). I mentioned on twitter recently that these versions would be available some time this month in a free update. However, during our internal testing of the localized versions, we’ve encountered some issues, and it looks like we won’t be able to release it this month.

Making sure that everyone has a great experience with Stardew Valley is our top priority, and we all agreed that we’d rather delay the release of the localization update than risk jeopardizing that experience.

This is going to affect the localization of the console versions of Stardew Valley more than the PC version. On PC, I can release the localization update as soon as we feel like it’s ready. Releasing a game on consoles is more complex and requires submissions well in advance of the actual release. This means the console versions will only be in English at launch, and we’ll have to patch in the other languages a little later.

Multiplayer is still under development… I know it’s taking a while, but it should be worth the wait. Thanks for your patience!

Nobunaga’s Ambition coming to Switch

Nintendo says you're not going to see software for the Switch until Jan. 12th, but Koei Tecmo doesn't feel like following those rules! They've confirmed today that Nobunaga's Ambition is coming to Switch. They didn't give any other details, but a confirmed game is still a confirmed game!

Monster Hunter XX - two 3DS themes on the way

- available as a download code
- must purchase Monster Hunter XX to obtain