Famitsu - review scores for Oct. 25th, 2016

vvvvvv (3DS) – 7/8/8/7 [30/40]

Nintendo kicking off Splatoon showdown series this November

Time for you to start practicing and show what you've got come this November. I am so out of practice with Splatoon. I wouldn't stand a chance!

Nintendo shares pumpkin stencils for Nintendo-themed Jack-o-Lanterns

Miitomo dropping support for iOS 7 in the near future

It sounds like December could be the end of iOS 7 support, but users might be able to hang in there a bit longer depending on when Nintendo actually pushes the update. Better make sure to upgrade your iOS now!

Puyo Puyo Chronicle - more footage, player skills detailed

Auto Skill: Mage Egg (increases Attack power of allies)
Special Skill: Heaven Ray (changes the colour of a column of Puyo to Blue)

Auto Skill: Power of Love (increases Defense of allies)
Special Skill: Love All (recovers HP)

Auto Skill: Energetic (increases amount of MP)
Special Skill: changes Ojama Puyo to Red Puyo

Draco Centaur
Auto Skill: Roar! (increases Attack power of allies (Green))
Special Skill: Draco Flame (changes the colour of a column of Puyo to Green)

Auto Skill: Curious Mind (increases Attack power of allies)
Special Skill: Inverse (changes the colour of a column of Puyo to Red)

Auto Skill: increases Defense of allies
Special Skill: Moon Landing (changes Ojama Puyo to Blue)

Ice Station Z - more screens, info on online play, voice chat & more

- features an “Apparel App” accessible from the bottom screen, which lets you equip clothes
- voice chat will use a “push to talk” system
- press Up on the D-Pad in order to send voice messages to other players
- mute players if you prefer
- become allies with other players by waving at them (they need to wave back
- attack other players if you want
- if you manage to kill them, they will drop items for you to pick up
- once you’ve become allied with someone, you will not be able to hurt them anymore.
- vehicles only appear in single player, not online
- world is not randomly generated
- there are various locations to scavenge from
- there are zombies on that island, but you can avoid them if you want
- no building involved
- plans to release in EU as well

Sega 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage - preorder bonus

Looks like retailers in Japan will be offering up this set of keychains as a preorder bonus for Sega 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage. I'm trying to decide if this is a step up from the usual clear files and cleaning cloth preorder bonuses!

Dementium Remastered sale coming up soon

If you missed out on Dementium Remastered so far, it looks like you'll have a chance to grab it at a discounted price soon. We'll give you full details once they become available.

Nintendo Anime Channel - Yo-Kai Watch: Ep. 1 and 2 now available

Yo-kai are invisible monsters that are behind many of the common troubles we face every day. Befriend them and you can help solve these ordinary problems!