GameStop - "Not even close" to catching up with Switch demand at this point

Coming from GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd...

"We are all veterans of the Wii launch. The fact that this is ahead of the Wii launch is significant."

The following comes from GameStop company chief, Tony Bartel...

"Literally we have the product sold before they hit our warehouse. But we haven’t seen supply even come close to catching demand at this point. The form factor of the games lends itself very well to a trade-in model. So we anticipate there will be a high percentage of trades for these games. I’d say the Switch, just like the Wii did, is driving a lot of new innovation. So in the next year I think you’ll see growth in new games.

A lot of it (the hardware trade-ins towards Switch), the majority of it, is next-gen hardware. We have obviously a lot of Wii Us coming in, and thats predominantly the console traded towards it."

GameStop selling custom Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch bundle for $400

This bundle will ship by 06/02/2017. The Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Mario Kart Race and Charge Bundle includes: The Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Red and Blue Joy-Con, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Physical Game), Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel 2 Pack, and the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock. Not applicable for return on any products that were sold as part of a bundle, unless the bundle is returned complete and in sealed new condition.

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Fans can go hands-on with EA Sports FIFA for Switch at upcoming EA PLAY 2017

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) announced today that EA PLAY 2017 in Hollywood will feature performances by the eight-time platinum recording artist Nas, DJ Green Lantern and Dave East. All three will perform on Saturday night, June 10th from 6-8pm PST, at the EA PLAY FanFest, one of the biggest pop culture events of the summer. The FanFest is at the heart of EA PLAY 2017, featuring more than 140 hands-on gaming stations where fans will be the first to play EA’s newest lineup of games including:

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II
Madden NFL 18
The latest Need for Speed™ experience
The Sims™ Mobile and The Sims™ 4
Battlefield™ 1: In The Name of the Tsar
New content from Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes and Titanfall 2
Madden NFL Mobile
EA SPORTS™ FIFA on the Nintendo Switch
Widely celebrated as one of the greatest artists of all-time, Nas has received more than a dozen Grammy nominations since his debut album *Illmatic* in 1994. Joining the stage with Nas is DJ Green Lantern, a long-time DJ for some of hip hop's top artists, and Dave East whose mixtape *Kairi Chanel* hit the US Billboard 200 last year. These three artists will headline a lineup of musical talent that will perform each day at EA PLAY from June 10-12 at the Hollywood Palladium.

EA PLAY is open to the public and tickets are free. The FanFest schedule is:

Saturday June 10 from 4pm - 8pm
Sunday June 11 from 12pm - 6pm
Monday June 12 from 12pm - 5pm

For those that attend in-person at the Palladium in Hollywood, they can experience even more surprises. Each day of the show, the first 2000 fans that play Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will receive a numbered, limited edition poster. On Sunday and Monday, the first 500 people to play Madden NFL 18 and EA SPORTS FIFA 18, will receive a free copy of Madden NFL 17 and FIFA 17 respectively.

For anyone joining digitally around the world, EA PLAY will come to life through a variety of different content including livestreams. From behind-the-scenes looks and developer interviews to in-depth gameplay walkthroughs and new gameplay footage, learn more about EA’s upcoming games and experiences directly from those behind them. EA is also empowering the creative storytelling of more than 300 of the best content creators in the community to develop their own unique way of sharing their gameplay impressions with their fans all over the world who love to watch them most.

Please visit http://www.ea.com/eaplay2017 to learn more about the event, and visit https://eaplay17.fishsoftware.com/public/ to get your free ticket. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more EA PLAY news and information.

Switch selling 10% faster in US than Wii during the same period on the market

Coming from GameStop

- sales of collectibles and impressive sales of Nintendo Switch drove a “particularly strong” quarter
- more than 5.4 million software units of Switch software sold since the console went on sale in March
- GameStop “same store sales” rose by 2.3 percent, thanks to Switch
- Switch software and accessories attach rate is an impressive 6:1

Coming from Daniel Ahmad, an analyst with Niko Partners

- Switch sales at GameStop were faster than Wii sales after the same period on the market
- Switch has a lead of about 10 percent.

“Strong demand out of the gate for Nintendo’s new console. Especially during a non holiday quarter. But will fall behind Wii, aligned.”

Japan - Ridge Racer 3D making its way to the 3DS eShop

Ridge Racer 3D is finally making its way over to the 3DS eShop in Japan. The title will be released on June 1st for a special price of ¥2,721. The game goes up to¥3,024 starting June 28th.

DotEmu found the Switch very easy to work on

Coming from a SourceGaming interview with Cyrille Imbert, CEO of DotEmu...

SG: What was it like to work on the Switch?

CI: It was very cool, very easy. Right away with Nintendo of Europe, when we talked to them about Wonder Boy they were interested, and then they came back to us and said “hey, would you like to work on the Switch?”, and we were like “yeah!”.