Image & Form to share more info on SteamWorld Quest when the time is right

News on SteamWorld Quest seemed to get out there a bit before Image & Form was ready for it. A European listing for the game came up, but Image and Form jumped on the reveal as quickly as it surfaced. Here's what Image and Form community manager Julius Goldbog had to say...

Look at that! We’ll share more about our next game when the time is right. It’s so deep in its initial stage that there’s no point in talking about it

Ace Attorney Character Profiles: Apollo Justice and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

Defending Phoenix under the watchful eye of his boss and mentor, Kristoph Gavin, Apollo’s first case took a series of unexpected twists and turns that resulted in Phoenix joining Apollo behind the defense bench. Thanks to Phoenix’s help, Apollo was able to identify the true killer and pin the crime on the real culprit. While Apollo was able to prove Phoenix innocent, it also wound up leaving him without a job. With nowhere else to turn, he soon joined what was then known as the Wright Talent Agency (run by Phoenix’s adopted teenage daughter, Trucy), and began to take on defense cases as the agency’s sole lawyer. Apollo took on a number of cases during this time, including the defense of mobster Wocky Kitaki and a memorable case involving the world-famous Borginian songstress, Lamiroir, whose songs touch Apollo’s heart in a way that he can’t quite put into words.

Full update here

Woman gets marriage proposal sent via StreetPass

Thankfully it was a StreetPass from her boyfriend and not a random passerby. That might have made things a bit more awkward if she accepted that!

Librage details Nintendo's reaction to Legend of Kusakari, the grass-cutting game

A portion of a Nnooo interview with developer Librage...

Nnooo: What was Nintendo’s reaction to the game’s title and imagery and the fact that it is a homage to The Legend of Zelda?

Librage: This is just our subjective impression, but they seem to be very favorable about this game. We visited Nintendo headquarters for a meeting and explained our project. They said this game was easy to understand because the title and content are consistent, and praised us.

Dragon Ball Fusions to get free content updates

- first one due out this Fall
- will add a brand new stage
- this stage detects Wi-Fi waves nearby, and space-time rifts appears if there’s any

Shin'en talks FAST Racing Neo DLC, decision to release retail version

A portion of a NWR interview with Shin'en's Martin Sauter...

NWR: Why did you decide to release DLC? Was it the natural thing to do as a company?

MS: I said from the start we would love to support FAST Racing NEO in the future. We were discussing it in the office, and it was totally clear that when the game came out and the reception was good that we'd keep working on that. We started fixing issues, adding minimaps, adding stuff we found, it was pretty clear we wanted to go with DLC, make something because the demand was so heated. We were asked if there were new tracks coming, Nintendo approached us and asked "Is there interest in a physical release".

NWR: The game plus downloadable content is coming as a retail package to Europe published by Nintendo of Europe. How did this collaboration come about?

MS: I'm not from the business side directly, but as far as I know, Nintendo approached us and we have a great relationship with them. We always talk, and this was something that came from Nintendo, they asked us if this is something we could believe in. We said that's perfect - we're old school gamers and we know the digital market is a new market, but we come from the old school and we think having a game on your shelf is something special. When I went to the conventions last year, in talking to people I really often heard "Is there a physical release?" so I think there's demand. Nintendo knows that, and I hope this will be a success, because it maybe motivation for Nintendo to keep going on that track.

Quest of Dungeons no longer releasing on Sept. 1st