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Japan - This week's 3DS themes

3DS themes

- Ashley Magic theme (¥200)
- ONE PIECE: Trafalgar Law (¥200)
- LOCAL CONNECT ‘Shiawase no Arika’ (¥200)
- Hime Kyun Fruit Kan 'Kakusei Mirai’ (¥200)
- three more Nazo no Mini Game themes (¥150 each)
- Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta SSGSS (¥200)
- three selector destructed WIXOSS themes (¥200 each or ¥500 for all three)
- ZYUN 'Shadow Gift’ (¥200)
- 'Last Dancer’ (¥200)
- Sand Clock 'LIFE IS FANTASY’ (¥200)
- Ganbare! Victory 'Seishun! Hero’ (¥200)
- 'Subliminal Diet’ (¥200)
- Gacharic Spin 'MUSIC BATTLER’ (¥200)
- lol 'ladi dadi’ (¥200)

Fire Emblem Fates - petting mini-game IS in-game, but only available with certain conditions

Looks like the petting mini-game back-and-forth isn't over yet. According to GameSpot, the mini-game is indeed included, but it's only available under certain conditions.

- only for units that have S-Supports
- could potentially be available for A+ supports with Corrin

You can hear the discussion of the topic at the 43 minute mark...

We also have a look at the extent of the mini-game, which seems like it might not be as detailed as the Japanese release...

Random Time! - Soccer player gets Pokemon shaved into his head

Looks like Soccer player Paul Pogba is quite the Pokemon fan. What a way to show love for the Pokemon 20th anniversary!


A video posted by Paul Labile Pogba (@paulpogba) on

Japan - Next week's Wii U/3DS eShop releases

Project X Zone 2 - file size

Project X Zone 2

- 6,967 blocks (871MB)