Toys R' Us getting Switch stock on April 28th

Looking to grab a Switch and a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Just like Target, Toys R' Us is going to have you covered. The retailer has stated that there will be in-store stock come the 28th, but they warn customers that stock will be limited. You might want to get out there and line up to grab one!

Dan Adelman frustrated with Nintendo over Axiom Verge Switch situation, vents on Twitter

Dan Adelman used to work for Nintendo, heading up their digital efforts. He's since moved on to other projects, and has been very closely tied to Axiom Verge. He was crucial in bringing the game to various platforms, Wii U included. Adelman and Axiom Verge dev Tom Happ have both said they want to bring the game to Switch, but nothing is official right now.

According to some tweets from Adelman, Axiom Verge could have been ready to go for Switch launch. That's evident from his tweet below.

Now here's where the situation gets a little messy. There's an image floating around out there of a Tweet from Adelman. The tweet says that he's been trying to talk to Nintendo about Axiom Verge hitting Switch for over a year now. Furthermore, the image shows Adelman calling Nintendo "douches". Now I don't know if that tweet was removed, but for the life of me, I cannot find that final tweet. I've come at it from every direction, and I can't even find any proof of it existing. I don't know if the last tweet was faked or just deleted quickly.

Here's what we do know. Adelman and Happ want Axiom Verge on Switch, but it hasn't happened yet. There's no doubt the pair have been in contact with Nintendo about the title. It would seem pretty obvious at this point that they're having trouble making the game happen, and it's not from a lack of trying.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition - Patch 21 & Glide Beast Track Pack now available

Patch 21

Added Glide Beasts Track Pack (Dragon, Kraken and Yeti Glide tracks)
Added new Glide music tracks for the new Glide Tracks
Change to Glide to require passing through all Checkpoints before reaching the end of the track
Glide Solo Mode can now be played for longer before being automatically returned to the Lobby
Fix for spectator not hearing Glide ring or thermal sounds for the player they are spectating
Fix for Glide round timer continuing to tick while the Pause Menu is displayed in Solo Mode
Decreased the respawn delay in Glide
Added coloured particles when you cross the finish line in Glide
Showdown in Glide now says "Hurry Up"
Fix for Interface Opacity setting not affecting the HUD in Glide
Fix for some Boat item textures in the Mass Effect Mash-up pack not matching the entity textures
Fix for an issue that caused the damage sound to be repeatedly played at the end of a Glide round
Fix for an issue that caused the body of player models to be set back from the other limbs

Glide Beast Track Pack

There are two types of people in this world. Type 1: people who've played our awesome Glide Mini Game for Minecraft Console Edition, and Type 2: people who have never known true gaming love.

Okay, maybe that's overstating the case, but why not avoid the risk of eternal heartbreak by checking out the Beast Track Pack soaring onto Console Edition stores today? (Psst! unfamiliar with Glide? Then click here for a full run down on the aeronautical Mini Game). As for the theme of the three maps contained in this DLC track pack - we hope you like monsters! Don't like monsters? Well that'll encourage you to fly away from them faster then, won't it? It'll do wonders for your scoreboard placement. Everybody wins!

Full details here

Ratalaika Games bringing 0000 and more to Switch

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we are working on 0000. A hard 1-bit platformer that we intend to bring to PC and Nintendo 3DS, but they aren’t the only platforms 0000 will be playable. I can confirm that Ratalaika Games are in fact a Nintendo Switch™ developer and we will be bringing 0000 to Nintendo Switch™ as well and that’s not all as we’ll will also be porting League of Evil to Nintendo Switch™.

These however are not our only Nintendo Switch™ games in development, as we have a few other titles we’ll be porting to the Nintendo Switch™ later on this year, so you can expect to hear more about them through official announcements in the coming months. As far as the Nintendo Switch™ versions of 0000 and League of Evil goes, we are aiming to release them, with our Japanese partner Rainy Frog handling the Japanese release of both titles for both Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo Switch™, so Japanese release could come at a later date.