Nintendo on Splatoon's level cap, customization and future events

Coming from a Nintendo Dream interview with directors Yusuke Amano and Tsubasa Sakaguchi as well as producer Hisashi Nogami...

On level cap being raised:

Sakaguchi: Er… That is also under investigation currently… We originally expected level 20 to require a nice amount of time to play.

Nogami: [The leveling up has been] so fast that it makes me worry about players’ daily life…

On character customization:

ND: “The more character customization, the better” is the usual rule in online games. But you can only customize the eye and skin color of your Inkling.

Sakaguchi: Perhaps everyone has forgotten that Inklings are still unknown characters for people. Inklings are newcomers that just came out.

ND: Ah, that’s right (laughs).

Sakaguchi: I think it’s better to tightly narrow down “it’s this” when presenting a new character to everyone.

Nogami: If we suddenly had variation like three hairstyles with braid or bun, people wouldn’t consider them as the same thing [character]. Therefore we limited the customization to the minimum with skin and eye color.

Future events:

Nogami: Talking about future events, first there’s Splatfest. Please look forward to those.

Nogami said that he'd “like to have one Splatfest in every three weeks or so in the beginning. Also things like new weapons and maps are under investigation.”

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations - gameplay details

- mystery adventure game
- the entire voice cast has been assembled for the game
- Finn and Jake decide to carry on their parents investigation business
- receive X-Files-like missions that lead you all over Ooo
- navigate from screen to screen; gathering clues and solving puzzles
- Finn takes the lead role, with Jake steps in on-call to get to those hard to reach places
- the two can team up for combat, with the powered-up team can pulling off classic combo moves like the Jakesuit
- original visual style was going to be a 3D cel-shaded look, but Cartoon Network wanted something different
- Finn has fuzzy knit textures with stitches around the opening on his hat
- background objects in the treehouse look like they’re made of clay
- Princess Bubblegum’s hair looks like gum. complete with sugar crystals
- straightforward inventory system
- appearances from Tree Trunks (Polly Lou Livingston) and Cuber (Emo Philips)
- divided up into five episodes each with their own mysteries
- includes show-style title cards, including an Abbey Road parody
- inter-connected grayble theme hidden across the stories
- includes a fan-created character, Sunny, voiced by Princess Bubblegum voice actor Hynden Walch

Mighty No. 9 - one GamePad screen

The Great Ace Attorney - full Famitsu review info

Reviewer 1 – 9

The human drama, in which characters with too strong personalities overact, is as unique as ever. The game has a new setting and it broadens gameplay with “joint reasoning” and “jury member battle” while maintaining the charm of the series. The form of a new Ace Attorney is established perfectly. Ever-changing situations and attractive twists start from the first chapter. The above-mentioned new elements and showering questions at unexpected characters like Holmes are wonderful and put the player into a dream-like state.

Reviewer 2 – 9

Trials that go back and forth pull you into the game and escaping from a corner by exposing contradictions is dramatic and thrilling. It’s fun to watch conversations in which characters exchange arguments. There are unique twists, but the conversations feel a bit long-winded. It’s nice that the game feels fresh thanks to the setting and new elements, like the joint reasoning system, in which you reason with Holmes and deduce your way to truth, or the jury members of the English law system and striking down their claims.

Reviewer 3 – 9

The new element of reasoning together with Holmes feels like a comedy duo and it fits the sense of humor of the series perfectly. Another new element, “jury member battle”, doesn’t feel that different from questioning, but jury members may launch votes of guiltiness during a trial and it’s thrilling that a verdict may be given in the middle of a trial. The story is carefully written and it’s fun to detect suspicious points at a crime scene or in the courtroom.

Reviewer 4 – 8

The progressing of the story, which has many hopeless situations and many comebacks, feels irritating at times. On the other hand, you want to know how the story continues and you can’t put the game down. Character traits and animations that show characters’ mental state are more pretentious than in the past games. Especially cornering the culprit is thrilling! The tempo of looking for evidence in investigation parts is also good.