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Hyrule Warriors Legends - a few more details on Skull Kid, Phantom Ganon and more

The following details were translated by Gematsu...

- Skull Kid that steals the hero’s ocarina and places a curse on him in a different world
- violent and mischievous, but values his friends.
- fights alongside his fairy friends Tatl and Tael, and uses an ocarina as his weapon
- new story for Skull Kid has a picture-story-style presentation
- Phantom Ganon, from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, will appear as a new enemy character
- uses a large sword to deliver powerful attacks like heavy blows and magic bullets
- by utilizing the “Player Change” and “Ocarina Warp” systems, and gathering up to four player characters around a giant enemy, beneficial “Smash Burst Power” effects will occur, such as your magic gauge being restored
- new stage with elements from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will appear
- the “Earth Temple” and “Wind Temple” will appear, as well as Wind Waker‘s Makar character