GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Eggbusters EX: Metroid Prime

Time for me to call it a night. Was a rather calm Monday, but there's a shareholder meeting coming later this week. We wrap up E3 and now we have another event coming up! Man, can't catch a break around these parts. Oh well, gotta rest up and get ready! See you in a few, short hours.

Eggbusters has returned after a week off. This time around, Austin sits down with the Metroid Prime Trilogy to test some glitches in Metroid Prime. One of the glitches is actually something that has been haunting Austin for 3 years now! Can he actually bring things to a satisfying conclusion this time around and get on with his life? Watch and find out!

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Zero Escape series director thanks fans for making the latest entry possible

Now THAT'S the kind of thing I like to see. What an awesome thing for Mr. Uchikoshi to do. A really awesome bit of recognition for the fans, as well as the devs that worked to make the game happen.

Hex Heroes Kickstarter update - Hammerin’ Away at the Wii U

It's no surprise that the Wii U is less powerful than a PC. We build Hex Heroes on a computer using the Unity engine which lets the game play on both PC and Wii U. However, the size of the game and all of its components determines how much memory is required on a device to allow it to play. The sheer number of hexagon tiles, trees, and other objects in the game continually made Hex Heroes unplayable on the Wii U, at least in the way that we originally built the game. In order to get it running, we had to revisit the very foundation of how the game is built.

Without getting too technical, our first job was building the map tiles automatically with efficiency. Originally, each hex tile was its own model. Now, the game creates only the visible portions of hexes, so that any sides of the tiles that would have been underground or obstructed by another hex aren’t created in the game at all. This is known as culling, and by not rendering what isn’t seen, we can really free up space.

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Mother 3 fan translator worked on Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Well that's an interesting little tidbit. I'm sure people are going to make a mountain out of this molehill, but I'm pretty sure it's just an interesting tidbit.

SDK Spriter - new trailer, info

Now that the big update to SDK Paint is live for the NOA and NOE regions - and some amazing art posted to Miiverse and to https://gallery.sdkpaint.com - the focus has shifted to SDK Spriter. In the lead-up to launch, we will be releasing a series of videos that showcase various features. This first video shows off the "Overworld" level type. Throughout July, we will release videos for the "Platformer", "Terrain", and "Dungeon Master", levels. The final trailer will follow in August. Enjoy, and please leave feedback! --- SDK Spriter is an all-in-one studio for creating retro video game assets, including character sprite sheets, tile sets, maps, and full levels. The final assets can be exported to Miiverse™ or SDKSpriter.com. It is exclusive to the Wii U™ console. There are 4 primary components to SDK Spriter: Sprites, Tiles, Maps, and Levels. Sprites are comprised of 64x64 pixel art characters that have eight frames of animation for each compass direction. The resulting sprite sheet is a PNG image. Tiles are comprised of 64x64 tile pixel art that is assembled into a 16x16 grid. The resulting tile set is a PNG image. Maps are 128x128 layered grids of tiles and collision rules that reference an existing tile set. Levels are a combination of layered maps, a player sprite, multiple non-player character sprites, and metadata. Levels come in four forms: Overworld, Platformer, Terrain, and Dungeon Master. Depending on the level type, they follow basic rendering rules (i.e. fog, TV masking, shading, layering, tilt angle, etc.) and physics rules (gravity, collision-detection, warping, etc.).

Ninja Pizza Girl news coming in the next few weeks

Things have been quiet on this one for quite some time. Good to know that things are moving along and we should be getting some happy news soon.