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Snapchat 'Discover' story uses Excitebike imagery

Over the weekend, Snapchat had a Discover story for a Motocross event taking place in the states. That story used an Excitebike logo as you see above. Not only that, but the special geotag for the event included more Excitebike imagery. As far as I know, Nintendo had absolutely nothing to do with the event. If Nintendo knows about this, I can't imagine they're too happy.

The Beggar's Ride hitting North America on May 5th

Looks like we finally have a North American release date for The Beggar's Ride on Wii U. The title is coming sooner than we expected! We can look forward to grabbing the game this week on Wii U for the price of $6.

Pachter - Nintendo always produces great content, NX might see low third-party support

WARNING - THIS IS A MICHAEL PACHTER FEATURE. If his comments enrage you, please avoid hitting the jump. If you are okay with his comments, please click through.

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Limited Run Games interested in physical NA release for Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

Plenty of fans spoke up and said they wanted a physical release for Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies, but it didn't happen. Now Limited Run Games is saying that they want to make it happen. Here's what the company had to say.

We would love to go after things like,

The Atelier series (there are a bunch that never got physical!)
Yakuza 5
Fatal Frame
Phoenix Wright
Attack On Titan

It is a possibility, but like Atelier or other big games we'd be distributing rather than publishing. We'd have to pay a pretty high per unit cost to Capcom and buy 5k+. We haven't made any progress on Dual Destinies, but it's a personal want of mine.

If this is something we want to happen, we'll have to make some noise and show Limited Run Games that it's worth the trouble! Thanks to Matt for the heads up!

Shakedown Hawaii not out of the question for NX

Obviously there would need to be a lot of things happening to get the game on NX, but at least the developer is open to the idea! Thanks to Jon for the heads up!

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