RUMOR - Toys R Us getting NES Classic Edition stock on Jan. 26th

If Target isn't working out for you, there's some hope later in the week. Rumor has it that Toys R' Us is going to get a big shipment of the NES Classic Edition on Jan. 26th. We don't know if this will be both in-store and online, but we'll keep tabs on any further details that come in.

Target brick-and-mortar stores showing NES Classic Edition in stock

While Target.com may not have any NES Classic Editions in stock, it seems that multiple brick-and-mortar Targets do indeed have units on shelves. You'll have to call up your local Target and see what you can find. I've found a couple locations in my area with stock to grab, so good luck to those trying to snatch one up!

Racing Apex still slated for Wii U release as well

Racing Apex might be hitting the Switch, but Wii U owners aren't being left in the dust. The dev team has taken to Twitter to confirm that their plans of a Wii U version are still in the works. Let's cross our fingers and hope that goes smoothly.

How to make Kirby's Super Spicy curry

Thanks to Jammy for the heads up!

GoNintendo Talking Points: Colin Moriarty's Switch Video - A Rebuttal

Many people reached out to me about doing a rebuttal video to Colin Moriarty's piece on the Switch. I knew it would take a ton of work and time, but I sat down to try and put something together. The end result is a video that required more work than any other, but hopefully it's worth your time. It certainly requests a lot of it, clocking in at over an hour. By the end, I hope you find it time well spent.

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Yet another mystery CPSIA amiibo tied to Smash Bros. surfaces

The ever-watchful eye of the amiibo subreddit has caught anotyer CPSIA listing. This one comes with the item number NVL C AACN USZ. We know it's related to Smash Bros., but are not sure of other details at this time. I guess we'll find out soon enough! Thanks to Piplupwater for the heads up!

Tripwire Interactive has no plans for Switch at this time

Tripwire Interactive, most well known for their Killing Floor series, has said that they have no plans for Switch titles at the moment. Obviously that could change, but if you were hoping for Killing Floor on Switch, it seems like that's a no-go for now.

LEGO Worlds coming to Switch

Chalk up another title for the Switch. LEGO Worlds takes the Minecraft approach to gaming and gives it all sorts of LEGO twists. Count me in for this one! Thanks to AwesomePlatterFan for the heads up!