Japan - Next week's Wii U/3DS eShop releases

A closer look at the Mario Kart 2017 Wall Calendar

Speed through 2017 with your favorite Nintendo characters from the bestselling MarioKart™ video game franchise, including Mario™, Luigi™, Yoshi™, Princess Peach™, and Bowser™, as they zip to the finish line. With speed-boosting mushrooms, powerful fire flowers, hazardous bananas, and lucky coins, each month in this 2017 calendar will be full of adventure with colorful 3-D art at every turn. Includes art from MarioKart 7™, MarioKart 8™, MarioKart Wii™, and MarioKart DS™.

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Apple CEO praises Pokemon GO's innovation

Coming from Apple CEO Tim Cook...

"Pokemon Go is a testament to what happens with innovative apps AR can be huge and Apple will continue to invest in this."

Best part about this mention? Cook pronounced the game as 'Pokeyman'. I guess 20 years isn't enough to learn how to pronounce it!

Capital Research and Management sells of 1 million shares of Nintendo

Capital Research and Management, the U.S. investment adviser that is in effect Nintendo's largest shareholder, sold off a large chunk of its holdings last week, apparently taking profit while the stock was riding high on Pokemania.

Capital Research parted ways with 1.02 million Nintendo shares July 19, Japanese securities filings Tuesday show, shrinking the wealth manager's stake from 18.46% to 17.07%. The Kyoto-based video game company's share price touched a six-year high of 32,700 yen at one point on the day the investment adviser sold.

Brick Race due out Aut. 18th in NA/EU

Pokemon GO - Android popularity by country, Japan interest and more

It has been over 2 weeks since Pokémon GO’s initial launch and many users around the world now have access to the wildly popular app. In this latest Pokémon GO blog post we took at look at these Pokémon GO users to discover which countries are Pokémon strongholds, which apps are used by Pokémon GO players, and how the app landscape has changed as a result of Pokémon. The data and insights from this study are useful for app marketers to better their ASO and improve re-targeting campaigns.

When looking at data from 24 countries around the world, it becomes apparent that Australia is the global leader in Pokémon GO’s Android reach. As of July 18th, 20% of all Australian Android phones had installed Pokémon GO, especially impressive when you consider that both Snapchat and Twitter have an install rate of around 25%.

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