The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Gunman Clive HD Collection - review

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If you’ve never played the Gunman Clive games, get on that. They’re wonderful, no matter what you’re playing them on. For old pros? I think this HD Collection is worth the double dip—if for nothing else, then for Chieftain Bob’s ending in the first game.

Splatoon - more information on Mini Splatling

The Mini Splatling has a short charge time and easy handling. Also, everyone knows that mini things are cute. Look at how cute that Mini Splatling is. You know what’s better than just a Mini Splating? A Mini Splatling with Suction Bombs and an Inkzooka!

Play-Asia - various Mario merchandise, Kirby vinyl figures available to pre-order

Play-Asia - Super Mario 30th Anniversary soundtrack up for pre-order

Crab Cakes Rescue - review

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Crab Cakes Rescue is a bad port of an uninteresting game. Its stiff controls, sloppy menus and confusing power up system leave the game feeling like a beta more than a finished product. Forgettable music, poor animation and a lack of replay value combine to make this one of the worst games available on Wii U. Stay away. Far away.