Sega 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage - Columns, Alien Syndrome info & more

Alien Syndrome

- new element is two-player co-op via local wireless
- Interim Save, Interim Load, Replay, and Round Select are all included
- Round Select lets you start from the last cleared round, though it isn’t available in local play
- choose from five difficulty levels
- with the lowest one, enemies will not shoot bullets and have reduced health
- Time Limit feature in which you’re able to choose from six levels, two of which were not available in the original version
- includes both the Japanese and international versions
- In the Japanese version, exit will open after rescuing all 16 people
- in the international version it will open after rescuing just 10 of them
- International version has lesser time limit
- Stage 1 and Stage 2 bosses are switched
- International version has BGM at Name Entry
- International version has a hidden character at Stage 3 boss
- In the international version, the hidden 1-up that’s obtained by taking a Question Mark with exactly 100,000 points, doesn’t include 100 points (which allows repeatedly getting 1-ups [as the score stays at 100k])
- Normal: Same 4:3 ratio as original
- Wide/Full: Stretched to fully cover 3DS screen
- Classic: Screen becomes convex to simulate CRT monitor
- Game Volume, Voice Volume, BGM Test are all sound settings
- possible to hear all 17 BGMs in the game, including unused songs


- Flash Columns: A 2-player versus mode where players need to quickly erase predetermined jewels
- Doubles: 2-player co-op mode
- Interim Save, Interim Load, and Replay are all included
- Japanese and international versions are both included, with the latter one offering English text for messages
- screen Modes are Normal and Classic; Normal optimizes 3D Binocular Vision, while Classic makes the screen more convex
- choose between Mega Drive and Mega Drive 2 version sound

Random tidbits

- SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives 3: Final Stage is the first in the SEGA 3D Classics Collection series to receive a CERO C rating
- this is due to the inclusion of Alien Syndrome, which has horror graphics

Message from producer Yosuke Okunari:

“Turbo Outrun and the enhanced restoration of Thunder Force III by Technosoft are the number one in the port wishes ranking. Originally we thought that we should finish the new compilation with these two titles. However, it just isn’t enough to decorate “Final Stage” of the series, so the staff considered the possibility of implementing one more title within the limited development schedule. As a result, we decided on having Alien Syndrome in the compilation, as a port has been requested as long as ten years ago and it hasn’t been able to realize. Please look forward to miniature garden-like three-dimensionality of this game that overflows with horror feel! And fourth unexpected new title is Columns! We weren’t able to do this for Puyo Puyo 2, but now jewels have been turned into three-dimensional one-by-one. That’s what you’d expect from M2. Please look forward to playing supremely beautiful Columns!”

The Alliance Alive - new story, world and dev details

- a thousand years ago, the Demon Clan invaded the human world
- they came to control a chaotic energy that could endanger the demon world
- the Demon Clan also set up a Giant Barrier here that disrupted weather and caused the sky to no longer be blue
- this also ended up causing earthquakes and generating a Black Current on the sea that split the land into several zones
- this consumed many other cities and killed about half of the whole human population
- a few hundred years later, each of these zones were put into their own administrations by the Demon Clan
- each has unique cultures as well as a caste system that puts the Demon Clan at the top

1. Rain World

A world that never stops raining ever after the Demon Clan set up the Giant Barrier. Here exists plants that have become accustomed to the unique weather. It’s relatively easy to live here, unless you count the point where you will definitely get drenched if you’re moving outside.

2. Burning World

A world surrounded by countless volcanoes. Despite its extreme environment, it has more advanced science & technology than the other worlds. When exploring volcanoes, people are advised not to misstep lest they end up slipping (into the magma)

3. Prison World

An eerie world which has a giant prison shrouded in miasma. It is always dark there, so people will have to rely on city lights when moving outside. You have to wonder what kind of people live in this world.

- devs had concerns about the amount of worlds in the game
- if they added too many worlds, they might end up being considered as just dungeons
- ultimate goal of this game is to have the player travel around the world
- the more worlds they add, the more features they had to draw in as well
- most humans are now content living under the Demon Clan’s governance
- Ursula is the only one who believes that the sky used to be blue long ago
- Galil, Renzo, and Barbarosa know that there are other worlds than the Rainy World they live in
- they join Ursula in a journey to ‘take back the skies’
- story starts from the perspective of human adventurers Galil & co
- it then shifts to the perspective of the Demon Clan characters Viviana and Ignace, and Tiggy
- after that the perspective switches to the human faction that is closer to the Demon side like Gene and Rachel
- learn how these protagonists from different races, ideologies and worlds band together later in the game

Michel Ancel finds original Rayman SNES ROM, jokes about Switch version

As you can see in the comments above, Ancel jokes about doing a Switch version of this game. I know he's joking, but I bet a lot of people would love to see that!

Square-Enix 'committed' to releasing more Dragon Quest games in the West

Coming from an MCVUK interview with Square-Enix producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto...

We’re committed to bringing more Dragon Quest titles in the West as we believe it truly has potential to succeed even better. So watch this space.

Pokemon devs talk Z-Moves, Poke Rides, no influence from Yo-Kai Watch

Coming from an N-Zone interview with Pokemon Sun/Moon: director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda...

N-Zone: Were other games, such as Yo-kai Watch, the reason for rethinking parts of the game, like introducing side quests?

Ohmori: Naturally, things change over time, such as what games are popular. We’re obviously aware of that and take it into consideration when developing a game. However, there’s no game that has directly influenced us like that. Our goal is always to create a game that is especially well received by players, so we’re thinking about things like how to attract players who like playing on their smartphones, or people who like watching YouTube videos.

N-Zone: Why were Mega Evolutions replaced with Z-Moves, especially after so many Pokemon were given the ability to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

Ohmori: With Z-Moves, we’ve wanted to introduce a new kind of attack to battles. We wanted to expand the number of Pokemon that were usable in battle, but we’ve also wanted to encourage players to experiment and come up with new kinds of strategies. And once the main story is over, players will get the chance to use Mega Evolutions again and combine both systems.

N-Zone: Are Poke Rides a new kind of HMs? What’s the benefit for players?

Ohmori: In the Alola region, people, Pokemon and nature work together and coexist in a relatively small space. To reflect that, we introduced this new system that essentially allows you to use smash rocks or surf with Pokemon at all times. It just fits well with the way we envisioned this world and it helps give players a feel for the way of life in this region and to enjoy it during their adventure.

Inti Creates shows interest in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Coming from Director Yoshihisa Tsuda

- wants to make a title “that continues the series with Gunvolt at the helm as the main protagonist.”
- believes this can happen with fan support
- has “a rough idea for what I would want the potential sequel to be.”

Coming from Producer Takuya Aizu

- Azure Striker Gunvolt “is incredibly near and dear to us.”
- “any discussions about when the next game will be coming out are probably a pretty long way away.”

Capcom recruiting merch partners to celebrate various Mega Man anniversaries

Are we ever going to get a new Mega Man game? That I don't know, but we're certainly going to get more Mega Man merchandise! Capcom is currently recruiting a big team of merchandise creators to help them celebrate the following Mega Man anniversaries.

Mega Man franchise 30th Anniversary (December 17, 2017)
Mega Man Zero series 15th Anniversary (April 26, 2017)
Mega Man Legends 20th Anniversary (December 18, 2017)
Mega Man X 25th Anniversary (December 17, 2018)

In other words, we're going to see an absolute flood of new Mega Man merchandise in 2017. Let's hope that somewhere in there we get a game as well.

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for Oct. 23rd, 2016

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- 7 returning sets and 3 new sets of pixel Pokémon badges
- 4 returning sets of 8-bit Super Mario Bros badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Pokemon Sun/Moon - new NicoNico footage & gameplay details

- video shows a patch of shaking grass that the trainer walks up to
- the Pokémon in the shaking grass ran up to him
- after capturing a new Pokémon, Rotom will give you a report of how complete your Pokédex is in terms of percentage
- Ilima's trial requires you to look around for Alolan Rattata which are hiding in parts of the cave
- get a Z Crystal for completion.
- there are 7 trials overall