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Pokemon marketing director says there may be big plans for the franchise's 20th anniversary

A portion of a NWR interview with Pokémon Company International’s Director of Consumer Marketing, J.C. Smith...

NWR: 20 years. February 27th, 2016. What kind of plans you got, other than Pokkén Tournament?

JS: [Laughs] Wish I could tell you but I can’t!

NWR: Are there big plans for it?

JS: There’s always big plans for it. And obviously, you’re seeing some big product stuff for it that’s been announced that’s exciting for the year and we always want to keep fans on their toes, but nothing I can reveal at this time.

NWR: Are we going to hear more soon? I know CoroCoro is talking about some stuff that’s going to get revealed soon. Maybe involving a green blob…

JS: [Laughs] CoroCoro – I love ‘em! Maybe…

NWR: Might hear something in three weeks?

JS: We’ll keep you on your toes!

NWR: Might see one of those minute-long trailers with the green blob and a new Zygarde form?

JS: [Laughs] You ask good questions. Nothing I can say.

NWR: So nothing on Pokémon XZ, YZ, X2, Y2? Because, it would be real nice if something came out next February!

JS: I appreciate your enthusiasm and you ask a lot of good questions but nothing I can reveal at this time.

RCMADIAX supporting New 3DS, earliest release possible is Q4 2016

GameStop Super Mario Maker demo event on 8/29

Let your imagination run wild on Wii U this Saturday, August 29th at select GameStop stores from 12pm - 3pm (local time). Try out the Wii U and get your chance to play and create on Super Mario Maker™ before it’s available for purchase on the 11th of September. Pre-Order the game now from GameStop for an exclusive poster, while supplies last.

Check out participating locations here

13AM Games talk Runbow EU release, 3DS interest, sequel chances and more

Coming from 13AM Games...

On EU release:

Runbow is coming to the European eShop VERRRRRY soon. We actually just got the game approved for the NOE store today, and we will be able to announce the date on Sunday. I can confirm on sunday if you follow us on twitter, but let me just hint... it's very soon.

3DS interest:

We had such a good time working with other Indie Devs... what a great community to be a part of. We would of course work with people if the opportunity came up. We'd love 3DS, but we've got to wrap up this console first.

On a potential sequel:

We're still sore from making this one... but anything is possible. We would love a chance to build this thing from the ground up as opposed to in a post-jam hurricane.

Full interview here

Collectible Badge Center - this week's new badges (Aug. 27th, 2015)

Collectible Badge Center

- Famicom era Kirby (four panels)
- all-new Splatoon (five panels)
- more Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer characters
- furniture (three panels)
- two free plays
- free Baito badge (returning badges, not new) for every ¥90 spent
- exclusive Happy Home Designer theme for spending ¥180