Nintendo's Doug Bowser talks third parties on Switch, tournaments, Smash Bros. and more

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - DLC schedule and details

Original Pack (DLC 1)

Release Date: June 29
Price: 250 yen (tax included)

- change the new portrait illustrations (excluding added characters like Nemesia) back to the ones from the original release
- illustrations can be switched at any time via the configuration menu

Mining King’s Bracelet (DLC 2)

Release Date: June 29
Price: 300 yen (tax included)

- equipment item called “Bracelet of the Mining King”
- this item can be sold at a high price within the game, so money can be managed easier throughout the player’s adventure
- with this item equipped, mana consumption is reduced in battles

Growing (DLC 3)

Release Date: June 29
Price: 300 yen (tax included)

- equipment item called the “Growth Practice Book”
- when equipped, this gives the respective character the necessary amount of experience points after a battle to level up
- this is an item for busy people who struggle with the combat to pleasantly enjoy the adventure

Death of Time (DLC 4)

Release Date: July 6
Price: 250 yen (tax included)

- story DLC that focuses on Aht and Marco
- using her shaman senses, Aht senses a disturbing shift in mana in one of the areas in the empire
- Aht explores this with Marco, when a powerful enemy suddenly appears before them
- features new illustrations

A Feeling Filled with Moonlight (DLC 5)

Release Date: July 6
Price: 250 yen (tax included)

- story DLC that focuses on Eruca and Raynie
- one day, Stocke seizes national secret information that the newborn Granorg is leaking to the remnants of Alistel
- to locate intruders in the army, Stocke goes on a mission with Raynie as a member of the intelligence department

Meeting Beyond Time (DLC 6)

Release Date: July 13
Price: 250 yen (tax included)

- story DLC that focuses on Nemesia
- additional story which outlines Nemesia’s backstory, who appears in the new Sub-History timeline of this game
- several event illustrations

Vengeance of the Past (DLC 7)

Release Date: July 13
Price: 250 yen (tax included)

- story DLC that focuses on Rosch and Gafka
- Rosch, the leader of a powerful mercenary unit, was on his way to the Alma Mine along with Gafka
- on the way, monsters suddenly appear alongside space-time distortion

Japan - Switch raffle lines continue in Japan after latest restock

Another Switch restock in Japan, another round of lines and raffle tickets. Remember, these people are standing in line for a chance to purchase a Switch through a raffle. Many of these people won't even have a chance to purchase a unit. If you ever needed more evidence of the Switch being quite the hit, this is it.

Pysonix not interested in Rocket League sequels, want to keep updating the original and cross-platform play

A portion of an Engadget interview with Psyonix's Jeremy Dunham...

"We're not trying to build six Rocket Leagues. We're not looking forward to when Rocket League 2 and 3 and 4 are coming out. Rocket League is the game we're gonna keep updating. It's important to us to keep that going, cross-generation, across multiple platforms without sacrificing anything."

Dunham also discuss cross-platform play and its importance to the game. Without that ability, the game could end up dying when new platforms come out. That's why they worked hard to make cross-platform play happen on Xbox One, PC, and Switch. As has been stated, Sony remains the lone holdout on cross-platform play.

"I don't view it as a competitive loss to allow cross-network play. I view it as a competitive disadvantage not to have it. Especially if you're the only one [holding out]."

Jellyvision explains how the Jackbox Party Pack came to be

A portion of an AdWeek interview with Allard Laban, longtime creative chief of Jellyvision and Jackbox Games...

AW: How did the Jackbox Party Pack model come about?

AL: After dabbling in free-to-play mobile and Facebook games, we decided to see whether folks would actually pay for our games.

We released Fibbage, a bluffing game, across several platforms. It got immediate traction, thanks in no small part to a number of Let’s Play and Twitch.tv broadcasters. For the first time, streamers were letting the audience play along with them, and it really helped get the word out.

Seeing a trend emerging, we decided to quickly create a higher value SKU, bundling You Don’t Know Jack, Fibbage and three other games. This has now put us on a pretty regular development cycle. We’re currently working on The Jackbox Party Pack 4, intended for release this fall.


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