Thunder Lotus Games details the animation work that went into Jotun: Valhalla Edition

A portion of a PurePlaystation interview with Thunder Lotus Games...

PP: The way the animations bring these drawings to life is something that really impressed us when playing Jotun, how difficult was it to bring the drawn concepts to a playable state? How similar was this process to, say, animating a TV cartoon?

TLG: It’s not too dissimilar I suppose, except that you’re doing it all from multiple angles due to the interactive nature of the game. There’s a lot of work involved, we had two animators and some of the work had to be drawn literally frame by frame. We had some puppet animations as well, but we’re talking about 5 angles for your character, 2 for bosses – which is then mirrored to give you 4, and then other elements as well like the vines that pop up and attack in the first area. Add to that the fact that we’re talking about 5-6 hours of animation [runtime of the game], as opposed to the standard 1-2 you would find in an animated movie, and you can see how big a job we’re talking about.

Playtonic aiming for simultaneous Q1 2017 Yooka-Laylee release, no plans for NX

A portion of a Digital Fix interview with Playtonic's Mark Stevenson...

The Digital Fix: Firstly – the question that everyone wants the answer to: do you have a release date yet?

Mark Stevenson: There’s no set in stone date yet, but we are aiming for Q1 2017.

TDF: And is that a cross-platform or staggered release?

MS: No, that should be on every platform simultaneously.

TDF: The delay to 2017 has meant that you’re going to be launching potentially close to the release of the Nintendo NX, meaning that Yooka Laylee may be one of the last games to hit the Wii U. Is there any plan to relaunch the game on the NX at a later date?

MS: At this stage we’re aiming to just release on what we promised on Kickstarter - which is a lot for us as a team of twenty people!

NCSX import - Sonic the Hedgehog 'Guitar Sonic' Notebook-Style smartphone case

COSPA marshals Sonic the Hedgehog as the design motif for their upcoming iPhone6 (and compatible size) smartphone holder.

Grab yours here

Fan-Art: What's into a Pokemon GO trainer's backpack?

Check out the gallery here (thanks AlienboyVA!)

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for Sept. 26th, 2016

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- 1 FREE play being given away
- 2 returning sets of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD badges
- 2 returning sets of Isabelle system icons

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Tesco adds NX listing to website with £349.99 placeholder price

We keep hearing that the NX reveal is going to be soon, but just how soon? Looks like Tesco is getting ancy for the reveal as well, since they just added a page for the NX to their website. The listing also includes a price of £349.99, which is certainly just placeholder for now. Nintendo, it's time to come out and show us what the NX is really all about...and how much it'll cost!